Climate change a hoax of global proportions

To the editor:

I recently ran across some photos I took at Glacier National Park about 25 years ago. It has earned its name well, one of the most scenic places I’ve ever seen. But the pictures reminded me of something I read a few years back.

Here it is, thanks to the internet: “In August I visited Glacier National Park. I am still stunned to have learned the following fact: By 2020, no glaciers will exist in Glacier National Park.” Gianna Kelly, Council on Environmental Quality, 2009.

Indeed, the glaciers had been shrinking. According to the park’s website, Grinnell Glacier, which had covered 710 acres in 1850, had shrunk to 152 acres in 2005. And the park had posted signs informing visitors that the glaciers would be gone by 2020. Sad.

I should have known better. Like so much information coming from the Obama administration and the climate change crowd, there was a little more to the story. The signs were removed over the winter. It seems the glaciers are growing again, as confirmed by pictures taken over the past 10 years by researchers. Grinnell now covers about 300 acres. Further research turned up more interesting facts. Fremont Glacier, in Wyoming, is only 300 years old. At 43 degrees latitude, it’s more than halfway to the equator and growing. And this: The past 1,000 years were colder on average than the prior 1,000 years, which were colder than the prior 1,000, going back 10,000 years.

How is that possible, with all the fossil fuel use and cow flatulence of today? Isn’t there a link between CO2 and temperature? Indeed there is, but probably not like most people believe. If you go back 400,000 years, covering several climate cycles, you will find the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere rises after the temperature rises. It doesn’t cause it, it is a result of it. The reason is simple. Oceans cover about 70 percent of this planet. Cold water absorbs more CO2 than warm water, which releases more CO2 than cold water.

Other forces have far more effect on climate than CO2. Insolation, which is basically the sum of energy from the sun, changes with variations in the Earth’s orbit around the sun, which is neither a perfect circle nor the same over time, as well as changes in the tilt of the axis. Outgoing Longwave Radiation, a primary source of energy loss, is up about 1 percent since 1980, and energy loss equals heat loss.

Weather changes from year to year, even day to day. Climate changes over thousands of years, and right now we’re in a cooling period. Seems to me we’d be better off preparing for cold weather, breeding cold-climate crops and such, than spending trillions of dollars in an attempt to stop this planet from doing what it has been doing in regular cycles for billions of years.

The philosopher Soren Kierkegaard once said, “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” One has to be fooled both ways to fall for the nonsense spouted by Alexandria Occasio-Cortez and her ilk.


Pelham, N.C.

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