Trump and Russia: No evidence. Period.

To the editor:

Wow! What a headline in the July 25 issue of the Register & Bee: “Mueller: No Russia exoneration for Trump.” To show you are not biased I assume the headline in tomorrow’s paper will be: “Mueller: No Evidence Trump Campaign Colluded/Conspired With Russia.”

You could enlist one of your staff to look up the definition of “exoneration.” I will help: “Exoneration” means “acquit or find not guilty.” In our justice system, a prosecutor looks at the evidence and makes a determination to charge someone with a crime or to not charge someone with a crime. If the prosecutor decides to charge someone with a crime the case goes to court where the defendant is found guilty or not guilty/acquitted/exonerated. No one is “exonerated” without being charged with a crime. I will give an example:

I think my friend robbed a bank; I know my friend robbed a bank. I shout it from the street corners, put it in the paper and say it on TV. I report it to the police and they do a two-year investigation and find no evidence (zero, none) that my friend robbed a bank. But I still believe it, so I continue shouting it from street corners, putting it in the paper and saying it on TV. I state that my friend was not “exonerated.”

I say my friend robbed a bank.

My friend says I am an idiot.

Which one of us is correct?



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