Writer: We need more Paul Reveres today

To the editor:

What did America’s founders believe?

American Patriots need to look back at patriot days gone by. Men like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison. How could it be that after 244 years of freedom, so many Judases have been elected who are trying to tear down all that our founders gave to us through blood, sweat and tears?

We have a Constitution that seems not to matter in our day. We have become a country of ungrateful people with no concern for what’s right. Unthankful and unholy.

Not so of Paul Revere. He was an engraver, ship builder. He was a jack of many trades. He made gun powder for the war effort. He had a foundry that cast the first church bells in the country. He was a mover and a shaker in his day. He loved America. He was involved in many political efforts of the day.

He made a profound statement, one that is still true today: There is no greater destroyer of wealth than misguided government. The only antidote short of revolution was vigorous political activism. Revere lived a long useful life. In 1816, he penned his will “in the name of God amen,” knowing that all men must die. He provided for his children and died May 10, 1818 at 83 years of age.

What a great patriot and true American. God give us some more Paul Reveres today.



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