Writer: Nothing Trump did is illegal

To the editor:

Well, it’s happened. The Democrats have filed articles of impeachment. Just what do they say and what are the facts?

The first charge says the president abused his powers by soliciting the Ukrainian government investigate the activities of the Bidens to assist his reelection chances in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

He requested an investigation into past activities, something he has the power and right to do. The results of such an investigation may or may not help with his reelection chances but knowing the truth would be in the best interest of the American voting public. If you assume the investigation would help the president you are as much as assuming that the Bidens did something wrong.

What he asked for is legal. Why he asked for it is a matter of interpretation and not grounds for impeachment.

The second charge is also abuse of power by failing to comply with lawful subpoenas and directing the executive branch of the government to also not comply with the Congressional investigation to impeach. They say this is obstruction of Congress.

But is it? Congress and the executive branch are co-equal branches of government and should cooperate with each other. But when disagreements arise, both have the right to appeal to the judiciary. It falls to the judiciary to decide who has to comply with who. Just as no man is above the law, no branch of government is above it either.

So, unless the judiciary decides that the president and the executive branch have to comply, they are within their rights not to cooperate.

With no laws broken, there is no case for obstruction and no grounds for impeachment.

The Democrats have provoked and resisted every move this president has made, even before he took office. I get it. You find him repugnant, and he has not responded well. But they never gave him a chance either. How un-American is that?



‘The house always wins’

To the editor:

There is much talk about a gambling house coming to the City of Churches. Have you ever given a thought what type of people who would operate this type of venture? From the word of God they are called covetous people, and this word always signifies a unfair advantage over other people. The want what belongs to others “hence greedy of gains.”

This is why they will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up gambling houses all over the state of Virginia. There is lots of money to be made. Yes they will have a few jobs, but most of the money will go out of state. But there will only be lots of trouble coming behind this venture. The house always wins.

This is what God says about a covetous person, and it’s found in the book of 1st Corinthians 6:9-10, this type of person will not inherit the Kingdom of God unless they change their wicked ways. The city of Danville is known as City of Churches, but we don’t hear anything from the city pastors condemning the gambling houses. Don’t let these evil people come to Danville.

Life is short and hell is very hot.

This is my opinion only, and, yes, I did get some help from God.



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