America, we need to return to decency

To the editor:

In reference to the Aug. 14 letter to the editor, “Stand with Trump to save America,” we need to stand with common decency and integrity to save America from President Trump.

According to the letter writer, the liberals are lashing out with their words of hate. I don’t know what world he lives in, but the words of hate are coming from his president — not mine.

Remember when Trump said from the get-go that most Mexicans coming into our country are either murderers, rapists or drug dealers and “I guess some are good”? That’s pure hate. Most that are seeking asylum are women and children whom Trump, true to his hate, has separated the children from their parents.

How about when Trump said after Charlottesville that there were fine people on both sides and David Duke said, “Thank you for your kind words”? A Democrat didn’t say this. To me and most Americans, either Democrats or Republicans, when the leader of the KKK says thank you, then you must be a person of hate like he is.

The letter writer also mentioned the rule of law which Trump knows nothing about. Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t vindicate Trump from obstruction of justice and wanted Congress to look into this. Congress was set up by the Founding Fathers to keep a check on the president. No prior administration has pushed the envelope of law to deflect outside scrutiny. Trump has rejected the notion of congressional oversight which is intended to obtain information to aid in evaluating legislation, not to harass political opponents Democratic or Republican. Trump has told anyone receiving a subpoena to forget about it, spoken like a true dictator. What is this man hiding?

The letter writer also said Democrats are seeking to elect a president who will destroy America by disarming people. Democrats want background checks — not to take away your guns, an increase in the minimum wage and health insurance for all Americas that Trump and the Republican Party have tried to take away. If it wasn’t for the late great John McCain the Affordable Care Act would have been gone and many Americans only would have had sub-par policies or none at all.

The letter writer also mentioned that Democrats want a president who bows down to evil governments. I can’t think of more evil governments than Russia and North Korea. Trump even said he and Kim Jong-Un exchanged love letters. How sick.

A Democratic president will know what Vladimir Putin and Kim are threats to the world and will not bow down to them like Trump does. We have a free press now, like this wonderful newspaper, that Trump calls fake. May the good Lord make a change next November and make this wonderful country loving again, regardless of color or creed and full of compassion for our fellow man and the world will respect us again.



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