Writer: I miss the days of civil discourse

To the editor:

President Trump’s rallies are a spectacle of pure hate and lies. He loves to make fun of people like an overgrown bully, high on untruths and low on policies that make any sense. The terrible thing about this is that his base believes anything he says and laughs at all the bad things he says about people.

Integrity goes out the door when he speaks, and his base claps and laughs, which is so disgusting to me. I hope many other people fell the same way, but for some reason don’t speak about it. Many people hate me for speaking up, but someone has to speak up before democracy is completely gone from this great country.

At one such rally, Trump made fun of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, calling her a young bartender, which, of course, his hateful base had to laugh about it. That was her day job to make ends meet before being elected to Congress. Well, Trump, I know some bartenders, and they are the friendliest people I have ever met. Like Ocasio-Cortez and me, they weren’t given a mere million dollars to start life out like you were. Also, their job is more honorable than your job as a con man screwing contractors out of their money with your many bankruptcies and borrowing money from foreign banks because you couldn’t get a loan here, overstating your wealth.

The president also made fun of Joe Biden the other day in his touching women which wasn’t meant sexually, unlike Trump when he made that statement on that bus. I know one thing, Trump, if Biden makes it to the White House, he wouldn’t be writing checks like you in the Oval Office to pay call girls to be quiet about his jaunts with them, which he told America wasn’t true But that’s just OK with Trump’s base. He is the alpha male, right, and can’t do anything wrong. The king of hate. Whatever happened to the days when a president acted like one and only talked about his policies, didn’t tell lies and make stupid juvenile remarks about people.

I can’t wait until that day comes back.



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