Stamps backed for House seat

To the editor:

On Nov. 5, residents of Southside Virginia and across the commonwealth have a solemn responsibility to participate in an action that could improve our children’s schools, help garner better wages for families and engage communities to take actively participate in the improvement of the region.

We must vote.

Local elections matter. We have direct access to our sheriff, court clerks and council members; we see them at school drop off, at church and the store. One office we tend to overlook is that of delegate in the General Assembly.

For 20 years, our current delegate, Danny Marshall hasn’t served with all constituents’ best interest at heart.

People of color and the working poor make up a great percentage of Southside Virginia voters; some of our most vulnerable live check-to-check while Marshall receives campaign checks from predatory lenders, a.k.a., payday lenders who take advantage of the statistical gains of this region. Marshall also received money from utility monopolies, another structure that hurts countless families as we face hotter summers and colder winters.

On Nov. 5, we have an opportunity to build a new way forward for Southside Virginia. Eric Stamps has offered a platform that gives power to us, the people who work and live in this community. I strongly encourage you to visit, there you will find plans that will help all residents of the region: From education to banking to the proper legalization and regulation of marijuana, he has a strategy to improve our lives.

The future of Southside Virginia is promising. Stamps has a strong team to ensure our voices are heard in Richmond. We can hold him accountable. I believe he will make a great delegate for everyone.

I hope you’ll join me Nov. 5 and vote. I hope you will consider Eric Stamps for delegate.



Déjà vu all over again

To the editor:

A few decades ago the incomparable Yogi Berra said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” It is just as relevant today as it was back then, just not about baseball.

It seems like only yesterday that Nancy Pelosi uttered a quotable quote of her own. Speaking about the Obamacare bill before Congress, she said, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” Personally, I prefer that my Congress critters know what’s in a bill before they vote it into law, but obviously Nancy doesn’t find that important.

Fast forward to the present day. What is the urgent task before Congress today? The impeachment of President Trump. For what? That’s just it — apparently they have to impeach the president to find out what crimes he committed. Déjà vu. That has been their goal since election night of 2016, and they’re not going to let minor details like lack of evidence stop them. Like the Russian secret police head who once said, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime,” they were determined to find a crime somewhere.

The Clinton campaign, working with Russia, a British spy and Fusion GPS, concocted the infamous Steele Dossier, which was supposed to provide the evidence needed to send Trump packing. Adam Schiff, doubtless the biggest liar in D.C., assured us every day for two years that he had solid proof of Trump/Russia collusion, but he lied about that. The dossier turned out to be nothing, just a pack of Russian lies and an attempt to get Trump for obstructing justice fell flat. The Mueller Report can be boiled down to “Although the defendant didn’t steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of resisting being hanged for horse theft.”

Today, the “evidence” is a phone call between President Trump and the new president of Ukraine. Schiff quickly stepped before the cameras and told us what was said during the call, and it did look bad. The only problem was that he made the whole thing up, not a bit of his version was true, he was lying. Déjà vu.

Democrats, like all cockroaches, do their best work in the dark. So they’re holding their investigation in secret, no reporters or cameras or Trump lawyers allowed. They don’t want the public to know what’s going on, and you can’t blame them for that. Like the Russian collusion there were no horses stolen, not even a horse around to be stolen. But it’s hard to manufacture evidence while everyone is watching.

Not for lack of trying, though. Schiff has already been caught messing with at least two witnesses, “helping” them with their testimony. Deja vu all over again. Trump is so bad it’s OK to bend the rules to get him. You’d think he had threatened to withhold a billion dollars of aid to Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor looking into his son’s company, or shared classified government information with the bad actors of the world via an unsecured and illegal private server. Or shipped pallets of cash to Iran in the middle of the night. But he didn’t do any of those things, Democrats did. All of them.


Pelham, N.C.

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