When standards are tossed away

To the editor:

Take away the valedictory and salutatorian positions for the top achievements of excellence, like the William Mason High School in Ohio. This goes right along with the direction our society has been heading for many years. The biggest question is, why do we see a trend toward school shootings and other horrendous actions becoming the norm?

Listen, when we take away a supreme being like God, along with the absolutes that he stands for, with consequences for right and wrong decisions, we replace it with faith in a different philosophy. We start teaching children that they are no failures, by eliminating test scores or sport game scores, teach them that whatever feels right to them is acceptable. Teach them that babies are just blobs of tissue that can be eliminated even though half born (as long as part of them is still inside the mother). Teach them that, even if they appear to have a male or female body, they may be a different gender, depending on how they feel. Restrict teachers from teaching academics, by not allowing them to maintain discipline in classrooms. We simply cannot punish these young children and scar them for life. We dumb down the tests and graduate many children with less and less education than the years before. That forces colleges to teach tem remedial English and math, since they didn’t learn it in high school. It doesn’t matter that many young people can’t even fill out a job application properly, they are learning society owes them a job.

We teach them that there is no value in this life because they will soon be back to star dust floating in the nebula, so just have fun for however long they are alive. Then we focus on letting the child be entertained with their own choices of video games, movies, social media, iPads, cell phones and friends without any standards … because there can be no absolutes. As long as they are having “fun” and not feeling oppressed. They don’t need to learn how to buckle down and study or clean their room or mow the lawn or take out the trash. Chores put undue pressure on these developing children. We teach them to be tolerant of others who believe the same way they do, and they do not need to respect others who disagree with their beliefs. Show them that if someone disagrees with them, they can shout them down, get a group together to blacken their name, run them out of restaurants, defame them on social media and so on. Teach them the Constitution is outdated and free speech does not mean free for everyone, because what feels right to them now, is now right for all, and that is their absolute.

Then do we really wonder why a child seem unstable, with no respect for life, no respect for teachers, police officers, or parents and decides to take out their aggressions on others? Maybe they felt disrespected, bullied, cast out and in their mind — so what, if nothing really matters? It doesn’t matter what they do. That is the only possible outcome of secular humanism. God did not plan it this way, but because man has rejected him so much, he allows us to follow our own desire. He warns us, however, that we will reap what we sow. No matter what we teach our children, there will be consequence for every choice, and that’s the absolute truth.

No one in the tabloid mainstream is addressing this issue. It’s just business as usual. Even to admit there is an overall mental health issue, does not address the underlying cause.



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