To the editor:

On Nov. 5, Danville voters will elect a Clerk of Court. This happens every eight years because this is the length of a clerk’s tenure in Virginia. I have lived in Danville for 40 some years. This will be the fifth election since I moved here in 1979, but it will be the first time I will be voting for a clerk of court. Which begs the question why?

Primarily, the election of a clerk of court did not interest me because I did not know what a clerk of court does. And, the candidates are not really publicized enough to know who they are. Sometimes, a candidate runs unopposed. In 2003, Gerald A. Gibson got 99.9 percent of 3,082 votes cast because he was basically unopposed. In 2011, Gibson with one opponent got 70.7 percent of the 8,023 votes cast. It is worthwhile to note that from 2003 to 2011 election 4,941 more votes were cast, maybe because Gibson had a credible opponent who sparked more interest in the election.

This time, three candidates are in the running: Melissa Tuck, Charles Crumpler and incumbent Gibson, seeking his sixth term. Hopefully, of the 27,130 registered voters in the city as of May 2, many will go out and vote in one of the 16 voting precincts in the city.

I am voting for Crumpler primarily because I know more about him than Tuck or Gibson. I think it is time for Gibson, after almost 40 years as clerk of court, to retire. I gather he is 77 years of age, so he will be 85 years old when he ends his term in 2027. There is always a time to quit and enjoy life. He might have done a good job during his tenure but I think Danville needs somebody new, younger, qualified and eager to serve the residents of this great city well. Charles Crumpler can and will. I do hope that all of you will.



We must live as one

To the editor:

Growing up in a household that was racist, even as a little child, inside I knew it wasn’t right.

I have felt and experienced reverse racism and it hurts, we are all people and want to be accepted by our peers. Whether red, brown, white, pink, black or rainbow, I have a dream we can all live as one and help to stop racism with words of love.

I have always had a dream ... .



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