Congress, act to save the republic

To the editor:

Our country’s president is behaving more and more different from the rest of us every day, more distant all the time to the rule of law, from the basics of our Constitution, more void of the morals that most of us believe in and more distant from the long history of our country of defending us against the likes of Russia.

A wheel of our democracy has fallen off in the national Republican Party (with another key leader being Mitch McConnell) that has lost all devotion to our country and wimpishly supports our amoral and narcissistic lead national role model.

Students of history widely notice the similarities of our leadership with what happened in Germany leading up to World War II, now complete with open endorsement of ethnic cleansing (“... let them all go back where their ancestors came from, if they don’t like it here.”); it’s also racist to ignore what was done to the native American Indians by European settlers.

Whatever happened to Americans who stand up for what is right, for what is decent, for what is Christ-like, for what should be role-modeled to our youth, for demonstrated respect toward our laws and Constitution and courts, and our basic concern for others?

We citizens must rely on our elected representatives between elections to do the right thing on our behalf — and it is not happening where Congress is concerned. It’s time for Congress, who make the laws and decide on spending and perform oversight functions, to do their jobs for which they are handsomely paid. Maybe the Senate needs to turn over in a wave of feedback before the GOP awakes from its pretended, ignorant stupor. Love, mutual respect and concern, law and order, fiscal responsibility and devotion to truth can return to America and make it great again in the eyes of the world and the people who recognize this administration as a clown car.

Get on with doing the right thing, Congress!



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