Kudos to Marshall for insulin vote

To the editor:

Recently, I was pleased to learn that the Virginia House of Delegates passed House Bill 66, effectively limiting the copay paid for insulin across our state to $30 for a 30-day supply. For diabetics and especially so for Type 1 diabetics like me who can never stop taking insulin, this is incredible news.

Since 2012, the price of this nearly-century-old hormone has risen by 17 percent per year largely because 90 percent of the global market for insulin is controlled by three companies that actively lobby for government protection of their ridiculous and disproportionate profits.

I was particularly pleased to find that my delegate, Danny Marshall, voted in favor of the bill not only in the House vote but also in the committee vote. For this, I want to say, “Thank you very much.”

As the bill moves to the state Senate, I also want to call on Sen. Bill Stanley to vote in support of H.B. 66 in order that more diabetics will not be required to ration insulin at their own risk and with deleterious effect.



‘Feel-good’ regulations

To the editor:

Wanted: philanthropic idiots to invest in affordable housing for the poor.

I invested in a very good, solid, basic house in North Danville. After renting a year, it cost me $2,500 to clean up the mess, paint everything, fill a large dumpster, replace the refrigerator that was left with food, remove the cats, etc. This was after they didn’t pay rent for months.

Now I just replaced the furnace for $3,500. Then for Christmas I got a two-page letter from Danville inspections with a super-detailed list that had to be done within weeks or be fined — things such as scraping paint from the closet ceiling, down spouts on gutters and so forth. I guarantee that if they went into your or my house, the list would be much longer. This cost me another $700.

Thus our socialist agenda of piling on regulations is a “feel good intended help the poor,” but you shouldn’t raise the rent to cover these upgrades. So we blame President Trump for removing frivolous, “feel-good” regulations piled onto every aspect of our society, stifling our economy.


Orlando, Fla.

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