Starbucks not the only 'cup' in town

To the editor:

Well, they’re at it again. In the past several days we’ve had more very embarrassing news involving Starbucks. It’s seems they can’t stay out of the news, and it’s for the wrong reasons. We had the issue several months ago regarding a Starbucks in Tempe, Ariz., where employees at the store asked six police officers to leave simply because a customer “did not feel safe in their presence.”

Reportedly, a barista asked the officers to move out of a customer’s line of sight, or simply leave. Then just a few weeks ago, a news story came out about an Oklahoma Starbucks barista labeling “PIG” on a police officer’s coffee cup. The barista was eventually terminated for their actions.

Now, just last week, in the latest ludicrous anti-police culture and discrimination attitude by Starbucks employees, two police officers in Riverside, Calif., were completely ignored when they walked in and were denied service.

This disrespectful treatment of our nation’s public service workers could not be more disheartening to me as well as the many other people I’ve spoken to about these despicable news stories. One has to wonder what’s next in the “Starbucks News”?

There’s simply no excuse for this conduct. I understand that Starbucks’ corporate office has apologized for the action(s) of the employee(s) and in most of these cases, the employees have been terminated, rightfully so. I’ve read Starbucks corporate doesn’t condone this behavior in anyway whatsoever, and I realize that this ridiculous employee “anti-police” etiquette is not indicative of most Starbucks, thankfully.

Even so, with all this being said, I suggest Starbucks initiate a new “updated” company employee handbook and emphasize the proper customer service for all public servants — especially our police officers. Let’s pose a question: What if, just by chance, these idiotic, numbskull employees who act in this manner may need a police officer(s) for assistance one day, and they don’t get any help and are ignored. How are going to feel? Will they feel “slighted” or “offended”?

Newsflash for Starbucks: There are too many other good coffee shops who serve up a great cup of java at a reasonable price, and most importantly, they do show appreciation for our law enforcement officers. Starbucks needs to remember “they’re not the only ‘cup’ in town.”

In closing, I am compelled to ask, where has all of the appreciation and respect for our police gone these days? It’s a very disappointing matter indeed, to say the very least!



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