Fighting back against 'the swamp'

To the editor:

When President Trump was nominated to run for president, the FBI, State Department and Justice Department set out to cover up the misdeeds of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email account she used to avoid Freedom of Information laws while she was secretary of state and the influence peddling she was doing through the Clinton Foundation, which was basically a Clinton slush fund.

At the same time, they started a black operation where they dummied up false information by creating the infamous Steele Dossier, funded by the Clinton campaign, and used this information to have the FISA court hand out surveillance warrants to do wiretapping and other actions against the Trump campaign.

These phony activities led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to look into possible Russian influence in the election. After many months of investigating, his final report exonerated President Trump, so now the Democrats have dummied up these impeachment hearings which so far have been a farce.

If the news media would report what is actually going on in Washington instead of colluding with the Democrats to report made up accusations against Trump, while at the same time ignoring criminal activity within the swamp that is the federal bureaucracy, maybe some of the country’s real problems could be solved.

This problem didn’t start with Trump. Remember how the news media tried to steal the election from President George W. Bush? They would still be counting votes in Florida if the Supreme Court hadn’t stopped them.

The media constantly hounded Bush for eight years with little retaliation on his part, but they hated him just the same. At least President Trump is using the bully pulpit to answer their accusations.



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