Revive '94 assault-weapon ban

To the editor:

I have watched the mass killings with assault-style rifles every since Sandy Hook. I have watched our representatives use Band-aids for this problem.

I have carried a M-16 rifle in the military and know what it can do. The AK 47 is more powerful than the M-16. My question is how many of these assault rifles were bought between the years 1994 and 2004? The answer is zero. Their sale was banned in the United States. There is a bill that was written last February to revive this ban, but the Senate won’t bring it up for a vote. Talking about putting a Band-aid on it again.

It’s time we made our representatives publicly go on record for who they are representing. The common sense answer was made in 1994, and no guns were taken from the people.


Providence N.C.

Great emergency care

To the editor:

Kudos to the Sovah Danville ER staff. On July 21, I suffered a terrible unrelenting pain in my chest that took me to my knees. The Chatham Rescue Unit took me to Sovah. While one of the EMTs drove, the EMT riding in the back with me, Vanessa, inserted an IV and gave me something for pain that was so welcome. They got me to the ER fast, and the ER personnel started working on me immediately. They gave me medication and an IV for pain. They performed tests to rule out a heart attack, blood clot and many other possibilities. Dr. Katherine Cox, ER physician, was wonderful in directing my care. Dr. Lingle in cardiac care was also involved, along with Dr. Roberts, a hospitalist. All of the ER personnel were wonderful.

After diagnosis was confirmed I was admitted overnight to the cardiac unit where again the staff there was so professional. After several other tests were performed, I was discharged with medication and follow-up appointments.

God has blessed me tremendously, and I feel he will bless each Sovah staff member for what they do each day.



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