City, county offices up for grabs

Crumpler for Danville clerk

To the editor:

In a couple of weeks’ time, hopefully most of the 27,275 registered voters in the city of Danville (latest count from Registrar Peggy Petty) will come out and vote in one of 16 voting precincts for one of the three candidates for the clerk of court position. Going around the city one sees lots of signs for these three candidates which portend that the Nov. 5 election for the position could be a very competitive one.

In the recent candidates forum, each one presented reasons why people should vote for them. Jun Garcia, one of Danville’s practicing nephrologists, who attended the forum gave his impressions of each candidate. Garcia said that Gerald Gibson mentioned that he has done the job for 40 years and if elected will do it again. Melissa Tuck presented herself as a nice person. Garcia was impressed that Charles Crumpler came well prepared for the forum and was very knowledgeable about the responsibilities of a clerk of court and also articulated his plans very well for the job.

Quite a number of my friends are voting for Crumpler because we have known him in our church. He also promised that as Danville’s clerk of court he will bring the same service minded approach to the office and ensure that every resident of our city who visits the office will be accorded the most efficient and responsive attention that they deserve. He plans to extend the clerk’s office hours, enhance online services and allow credit card payments in all transactions and added that the office will process passport applications. Crumpler, to those who do not know, has spent the last 25 years with the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Those of us who know Crumpler trust that he will do his level best to serve the city of Danville as our clerk of court. We think you can trust him, too. So, let us all go out Nov. 5 and vote for Charles Crumpler!



Coles-Goard for commissioner

To the editor:

Robin Coles-Goard was first hired in 1985 as a deputy commissioner of the revenue. I have had the distinct pleasure of not only calling her a co-worker but a friend. We have worked side by side over the past 34 years under Commissioners of the Revenue Hunt A. Meadows III and Samuel W. Swanson Jr.

When I was elected commissioner of the revenue in 2015, there was no hesitation she would become my chief deputy commissioner. She earned her master deputy certification in 2008 from the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service which required a minimum of two years’ experience and completion of educational classes and seminars.

She has a vast knowledge regarding Virginia State Code and Pittsylvania County ordinances by which the office must operate. The commissioner of the revenue office is not a policy making office, but an administrator of state and local code. This requires a person who can interpret and assess uniformly all taxable properties within the statutes. She possesses these qualifications and come Jan. 1 will be able to assume the duties associated with the office with no interruption of “having to learn” procedures and timelines.

It is for these reasons and a lot more, that I whole heartedly endorse and support Robin Coles-Goard as the next commissioner of the revenue for Pittsylvania County.


Commissioner of the Revenue

Pittsylvania County

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