Rain Map 7 day 020920

Additional heavy rain is expected over the next 7 days, with 1-2 inches for Southwest Virginia, but more not far to the southwest. 

More of the same as last week, over and over again.

A series of storm systems will bring additional rounds of rain to Virginia, now with saturated soils and higher stream levels, this week. Monday into early Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon into Thursday and late next weekend appear to be the general timing of these storm systems, with some showery periods in between. 

Each individual storm system may not be as rainy as the 2-4 inches that was common with last Thursday's storm system, but cumulatively, these could total as much or more. The heavier rain will tend to be southwest of our region over the south.

With nothing to force cold air southward, these will be rain systems, not ice or snow, with temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. There is a pretty cold shot coming Friday and Saturday between a couple of the rain systems. Mountain snow showers behind the late Thursday/early Friday cold front may occur, and conceivably, next weekend's system could begin with some sort of spotty wintry mix. But without high pressure blocking to force the storm track south, widespread significant wintry precipitation is not expected, and there continues to be no obvious signal of Arctic air making a move south in the next couple of weeks.

Same song, umpteenth verse this winter, but each new chorus is getting wetter.

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