The recent search for a man accused of violating his parole also led police to the Danville man tied to an October shooting through car insurance papers found at the scene.

Tony Traveze Martin, 28, was arrested Monday on two active warrants, one in North Carolina the other in Danville. He is charged locally with possession of a gun by a nonviolent felon.

Martin is the suspect in an Oct. 25 shooting near Rosemary Lane where a passenger in a white Mercedes SUV had been shot at by multiple masked people in a green Chevy Tahoe. The passenger was shot once in the hand, court documents show. Police reported finding an insurance document for the Tahoe with the name of one of Martin’s relatives at the scene. It led them to the house where he had been staying and a gun hidden inside.

Martin was declared a fugitive from justice until his arrest Monday night. At the time, authorities had converged on a North Avenue home in search of Samuel Deshawn Harris, 23, on a charge of violating probation on a previous marijuana possession charge.

As soon as police arrived, both Martin and Harris ran outside the house and were soon arrested, according to a search warrant filed in Danville Circuit Court. Police searched the home and reported finding “marijuana, packaging, firearms, and firearm accessories.”

Police ran Martin’s information through the National Crime Information Center and discovered he had an active warrant in North Carolina on a charge of violating parole in the state.

Though Martin is a suspect in the October shooting, police report charging him with possession of a gun by a nonviolent felon because of a pistol found in the house he was believed to have been staying.

Within days of the shooting, police traced the Tahoe spotted at the scene to a house on Shannon Drive. Before entering, however, they reported hearing strange noises emanating from inside.

“Prior to law enforcement entry, police can hear movement and noises,” wrote detective C.K. Newcomb, “like someone was breaking something, from inside the residence, specifically where the firearm was located.”

Multiple people inside the home, including Martin, began to leave. Police soon found keys to the Tahoe, a report states, with multiple witnesses confirming that they belonged to Martin.

Investigators also reported finding a hole in a ceiling and a gun in the attic, which is the reason for the current gun-possession charge against Martin.

“Officers located in a closet, a hole in the ceiling, with insulation pieces strewn about,” Newcomb wrote. “The accused is the only occupants [sic] with the mean[s] and ability [and] possessing the physical stature to punch a hole in the ceiling and throw the gun further in the attic.”

Both Harris and Martin are being held at the Danville City Jail. Martin is being held without bond and has a hearing set in Danville General District Court on April 1.

Avent is a reporter with the Danville Register & Bee. Reach him at (434) 797-7983.

Avent is a reporter with the Danville Register & Bee. Reach him at (434) 797-7983.

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