Blairs — Jerry Hawkins is out to use his vote to make a difference. 

“I think the state of Virginia is in a crisis and it’s headed in the wrong direction... we need to turn it around,” he said as he exited the West Blairs polling station at White Oak Worship Center. 

“We vote in every election," added his wife Mary Hawkins. "If we don’t, then we can’t complain and we can’t be happy either." 

Election official Joe Doss said the polling station was very busy in the morning but has slowed down some in the afternoon. 

As of 1:45, 188 people had cast their votes.


Gretna — By 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, 466 people had cast their votes at Gretna High School for a number of races. There, campaigners and precinct officials say the crowd has come in waves. 

With yard signs for different candidates decorating the lawn around him, Ben Seales passed out campaign cards for Dustin Evans - the Libertatian candidate for Virginia House of Delegates race for District 16. He said that there hasn’t been too much vocal support for candidates either way. 

“Everyone’s been super friendly,” he said. 

A relative of one of a candidate - she chose to withhold her name “to be fair” - said most of the people have accepted their handouts, while others seem to already have their mind made up. 

Walking out of the polling station, Myrna Richardson said that she votes every single election, and said that this year went well. 


HURT - A steady stream of cars filtered in and out of the gravel lot as voters stopped by the Motley Community Center throughout the mid-morning on Tuesday.

By 10:55 a.m., 290 voters had already cast a ballot, said Tinker Burkhardt, precinct chief for the Motley Sycamore precinct.

Ted Waller, an African-American, said that voting is particularly important for people of his race.

“Anyone who has the privilege to vote should do so,” he said while leaving the polling station.

Outside the building, relatives of two candidates campaigned for their family members. Vincent Shorter Sr., father of the incumbent treasurer Vincent Shorter, handed out campaign literature. Nearby, Julia Coles handed out literature for her niece Robin Coles-Goard, who is running for commissioner of revenue.

Both said that they planned to stay for the majority of the day.

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