Recorded Aug. 17

» Tommy Earl Nye to Richard Steven Huneycutt, lot one, 418 Wagner St., $5,000.

» Lestie Jones to Artis L. Jones and Lestie Jones, lot 38, section A, 230 Grove Park Circle, no money transferred.

Barbara C. Breeden and Tommy Lee Cook to Wayne Scott, parcel one: lot A, Glenn Street, $20,000.

» Connie Gray Cooke and Philip Anthony Cooke to Wanda McClullough and Dwayne R. McCullough, lot eight, section A, 261 Major Court, $120,000.

» Brenda P. Chandler and Danny L. Pruitt to Ramon J. Gilmore and Janet Gilmore, 112.48 feet, lot one B, section C, 201 Haynsworth Drive, $75,000.

» David J. Lester and Russell E. Lester co-trustee Lorraine Lester Cohen Declaration of trust, Oak Ridge Investment Corporation, Ronnie K. Mand, Linda K. Levey and Michael A. Koplen to Levi Pruitt, Seeland Road, $52,329.

» Sandra J. Harris to Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), 50 feet, lots 47 and 48, 160 Howeland Circle, $66,936.28.

» Ronnie W. Gobble and Linda K. Gobble to Jose S. Savala Umana, lot B, 2 Oakland Ave., $28,000.

Lois G. Floyd (Lois Gentry Floyd) and William Lewis Floyd Jr. to Teresa Turner Wilson, 60 feet, 340 Parkland Drive, $80,000.


Recorded Aug. 20

» Gatewood Property Management to Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority, lot 14, block 32, 524 Chatham Ave., $14,700.

» Anthony Lloyd Zurn and Scarlet C. Zurn to Creekwood Properties Incorporated, lot 19 B, 102 North Woodberry Ave. and Audubon Drive, no money transferred.

» God’s Pit Crew Incorporated to Braulo Gomez Popoca and Victoria Gomez, 140.66 feet, lot one, section G, 217 Wood Ave., no money transferred.

» H&H Properties Investments to Susan Burris, 60 feet, lot 13, section A, 33 Oak Ridge Ave., $25,000.

» Glenn B. Updike III, John B. Updike and Nancy Carter B. Afflick to Mark Eggleston-Clark and Valenica R. Eggleston-Clark, 304.04, lot three, section G, 41 Old Farm Road, $65,000.


Recorded Aug. 21

» Dennis Robert Forslund and Kathy Leigh Forslund to Cody N. Moore and Amber Moore, 75 feet, lots 13-15, 1515 Westover Drive, $107,000.

» RJJ Development to JW2X, parcel one, lot eight and partial lot 10, 125 Clement Ave., no money transferred.

Roberta D. Reed to Roberta D. Reed and Lakesha Reed Curtis, 70 feet, lot 15, section M, 521 Timberlake Drive, no money transferred.

» Vera A. Harris to Telvis Betts and Madison Betts, lot four A, section A, 1028 Vicar Road, $163,000.

Dequilla R. Branham and Irene Branham to Wendell L. Barksdale and Amanda G. Barksdale, 75 feet, lot 15, section three, 1243 Lockett Drive, $110,000.

» Rickey Lee Rigney and Larry Preston Rigney and Jerry Dwain Rigney to Jerry B. Harris, lot eight A, 119 Westview Place, $91,900.

» Vickie B. Carson to Deason Group, 70 feet, lot 18, 30 Selma Ave., $9,000.

David R. Dean and Donna M. Dean to Secretary of Veterans Affair, 84 feet, partial lot 26, section a, 254 Robinwood Place, $126,075.


Recorded Aug. 22

» U.S. Bank National Association to Aster Realty Incorporated, 75 feet, lot 19, 251 Allison Drive, $38,000.

» Barry Parker and Mariko K. Parker to Donna L. Moss, 70 feet, lot 32, section E, 98 Glen Oak Drive, no money transferred.

» Patricia Messick Brachman Maurakis (Patricia Messick Brachman) to Linda H. Woodard and Rachel E. Brachman, lot two, section L, 139 Pendleton Road, no money transferred.

» Jennifer P. Cramton and EPI Rentals to Keeter Investments, 65 feet, lot 26, section B, 608 Brooke Drive, $13,000.

Robert Wade Gammon and Teresa E. Gammon to EPI Rentals, 50 feet, lots 11 and 12, 534 Ricketts St., $12,000.


Recorded Aug. 23

» Carol Ann Nell (Carol H. Neil) to Stephen T. Neil, Pamela N. Shields and Matthew D. Neil, 90 feet, lot seven, section H, 244 Starmont Blvd., no money transferred.

» Denease R. Gresch and Keith B. Riddle to Canh Van Pham and Dao Ngoc Ngo, lot two, section J, 254 North Woodberry Ave., $90,000.

» The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to Angela R. Brown, lot one, section A, Cedar Park, $49,110.

» Twin Branch to Stephen Hills, property Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Pamela Anne Goard to Jane E. Edmunds, 75 feet, lot 21, 168 Gloucester Ave., $86,000.

» James David Lord and Richard Bradford Lord to Casey Brandon Keeter an Kayla Nichol Cramer, 267.48 feet, lot five A, section A, 196 Jenny Lane, $164,000.


Recorded Aug. 24

» Cabell Wayne Trail to Denise Dallas, 50 feet, lot 51, section A, 112 and 114 Front St., $15,000.

» Barbara G. Conner to Sheryl Lavonne Tucker, lot 33, section A, 222 Brentwood Drive, $109,500.

» Priscilla A. Walker to India J. Bennett, 65 feet, lot 10, section F, 546 Parkland Drive, no money transferred.

» Virginia E. Harris to URW Community Federal Credit Union, partial block 24, 324 Kemper Road, $13,398.33.

» Finally Home to Rebuilt Holdings, 43 feet, lot three, 806 Monroe St., $100.


Pittsylvania County

Recorded Aug. 21

» Shirley Ann Mason to Richard M. Young and Lidia Young, lots 14 and 15, West Fork Park Subdivision, Westover District, $12,000.

» Rhonda Angle Howell to Eleanor B. Adkins, parcel, State Highway 40, 1/3 interest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Susan G. Amos (Susan G. Dalton) to Ralph A. Woods, Villa 101 Blue Ridge Villas, Town of Hurt, $135,000.

» Terry Jason Lumpkin Sr. and Michelle R. Lumpkin to Terry Jason Lumpkin Jr., new tract, 5.249 acres, Staunton River District, no money transferred.

» Kimberly Haymes Fowlkes (Kimberly H. Haymes) to Diana D. Beasley, lot seven, 1.395 acres, Indian Trail Road, Pittsylvania County, $255,000.

» TB Swansonville Properties to James R. Setliff and Rachel C. Setliff, tract D, 19.35 acres, Pittsylvania County, $25,000.

» RJJ Development to JW2X, three parcels, various acres and tracts, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Mary Eva S. Nixon (Mary Eva Spence) to Mary Eva S. Nixon and Linda Ann Baldwin, lot one, 4.89 acres, State Road 936, 6.010 acres, State Road 947, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» James T. Ragsdale Jr. to Dorothy Ann Pio, lot two, 0.688 acre, State Road 835, Pittsylvania County, $77,000.

» David Jackson Hodges and Andrew Jones Hodges to Christopher G. Hodges, 2.741 acres, Virginia Highway41, ¾ interest, Pittsylvania County, $40,000.

» Christopher Gordon Hodges to David Jackson Hodges and Andrew Jones Hodges, 7.126 acres, 1/3 interest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Andrew Jones Hodges to David J. Hodges (David Jackson Hodges) and Mildred J. Hodges, 7.126 acres, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, $7,838.60.

» David Jackson Hodges and Mildred J. Hodges to David J. Hodges (David Jackson Hodges) and Mildred J. Hodges, 7.126 acres, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Pingora Loan Servicing to Jesse Maurice Haucock, lot 10, 2.05 acres and lot 11, 2.59 acres, Pittsylvania County, $76,000.


Recorded Aug. 22

» J. Dillard Hutchens and Claire W. Hutchens to Brian Keith Gillispie, four parcels, various acres and tracts, Pittsylvania County, $125,000.

» Donna S. Gregory to Jamie H. Owen and Crystal G. Owen, lot 15, 1.177 acres, State Road 790, Brown Estates Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $95,880.

» Harley R. Workman and Amber R. Workman to Harley R. Workman, new lot five, State Route 841, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Alice D. Eastwood (Alice Dodson Eastwood) and Patricia Ann Eastwood to Jessica M. Andrews and James C. Holdren, tract 12A, 2.97 acres, State Route 701, Pittsylvania County, $105,500.

» Patsy C. Felts and Marie C. Anderson to Barbara A. Goad and Thomas Goad, lot B, 0.99 acres, State Road 732, Pittsylvania County, $58,500.

» WLC Development Incorporated to Aaron Belt White Incorporated, lot 65A, 0.524 acre, section one, Castel Court, Pittsylvania County, $40,000.

» Charles D. Dixon (Charles Douglas Dixon), Vonda T. Dixon, Lisa Mae Penick (Lisa C. Dixon) (Lisa Mae Dixon) and Jerry F. Penick to Charles D. Dixon, lot 53, section B, State Road 1004, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Jonathan Ray Myers to Catherine L. Tyler, lot one, 5.801 acres, Pittsylvania County, $175,000.


Recorded Aug. 23

» Joseph W. Clarkson and Linda Clarkson to Mary Katelyn Hammock, two acres, State Route 649, Pittsylvania County, $139,000.

» Twin Branch to Shepherd Hills, 10.750 acres, Seminole Drive and part in Danville City, Pittsylvania County, $4,450,000.

» Alvin L. Moss to Clifton R. Glasscock and Jessica Glasscock, tract four A, 3.065 acres, State Road 870, Pittsylvania County, $156,000.

» Judith C. Burnette to Sharon Wyatt Jones, 2.11 acres, Pittsylvania County, $25,001.

» Shaun Michael Distefano and Elizabeth Noel Distefano to Justin A. Pruitt and Carla-Marie A. Pruitt, lot five, 0.832 acre, State Road 742, Pittsylvania County, $208,000.

» Herbert Jesse Yeatts and Bitha M. Yeatts to Rodney James Jordan, 0.27 acre, Town of Gretna, $36,000.

» Rovertz OG to Samuel Shane Fowlkes and Kim Haymes Fowlkes, lot, 3.65 acres, U.S. Highway 29, Pittsylvania County, $294,000.


Recorded Aug. 24

» Hazel Marie Burnette (Marie Edwards Burnette) and Inba Dale Matherly to Kenneth D. Moss and Sherry H. Moss, 0.913 acre and 0.286 acre, Cotton Patch Road, Callands-Gretna District, $20,000.

» TB Swansonville Properties to Thomas William Larose, tract A, 18.680 acres, Pittsylvania County, $50,000.

» Angela B. Cestaro (Angela B. Carlsen) and Alfonse Cestaro Jr. to Ronald J. Woodson and Diane Woodson, lot two, 0.526 acre, Matthew Circle, Blairs District, $244,000.

» Nancy R. Watson to U.S. Bank, lot 38, State Road 626, Pittsylvania County, $29,359.73.

» Allen L. Lanoue and Joyce B. Lanoue to Bradford A. Turner and Melissa K. Turner, tract 15, 1.56 acres, Westridge Farms Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $240,000.

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