Kyle Buckner, 32, and Carley Shelton, 26, enjoy a Sunday morning run at the Riverwalk Trail. Both said that the heat was terrible and made their run much more difficult.

Tony Price, 52, said he enjoys being outside and jogging when it’s this hot. While taking a stroll on the Riverwalk Trail on Sunday morning, he said the heat gives him energy when he goes outside.

“I love it,” he said of the heat.

Few people enjoyed the intense heat wave over the past week — one with an average high temperature of 94 degrees, which is 6 degrees higher than normal high temperatures for July. The hot weather has been more than a simple inconvenience for many. But, a reprieve from oppressive warmth is just days away.

Bryan Fox, assistant executive director of the Danville Lifesaving Crew, said they saw a significant increase in heat-related emergencies this past week.

“For July, this is abnormal,” he said.

He could not provide an exact number, but Fox said somewhere between a half dozen and a dozen heat-related emergency calls came in this week. Some of those were for heat exhaustion and dehydration, but others were from people burning themselves on hot surfaces like asphalt.

He said in one incident, the bottom of a patient’s feet blistered from the heat as they walked barefoot on their driveway.

The heat also makes it harder on the life-saving crews, Fox said. For one, a higher call volume takes away from the crews’ recovery time. It also reduces the time the crews can be outside, particularly when faced with something like a fire.

This type of swelter is expected in August, Fox said.

Downtown residents Kyle Buckner, 32, and Carley Shelton, 26, went for a run on the Riverwalk Trail on Sunday morning between 10 and 11, when the temperature already was in the low 90s. Both said even though much of their run was in the shade, the heat still was terrible.

“It’s twice as hard to run when it’s this brutal,” Buckner said.

Shelton described the weather as “sweaty.”

After such an intense week, the heat wave is predicted to taper off by Tuesday when rain returns to the forecast. Highs may only reach the mid-70s that day with daytime temperatures projected in the mid to high 80s for the rest of the week, according to the National Weather Service.

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