Healthy eating

The workouts are consistent. The diet is controlled. Can all this good behavior stay up to standards when the circumstances change?

With summer in the South comes fun, including eating out. This can be anxiety inducing for the health enthusiast, but it doesn’t have to be. Take a tour through a small sampling of the dining options in Danville to see just how simple the selection can be.

Much of the choice made when the menu is in hand is up to the diner. Health restrictions and personal choices are superior to any recommendations made here. As always, medical professionals, especially ones with whom you have established a relationship, will have the best advice for your dietary needs.

Nonetheless, there are some broad parameters that can guide you to finding an overall healthier meal. One easy choice is to stick with low calorie beverages. Many of the calories and sugars consumed in a daily diet are from beverages. You save calories for your nourishing food by opting for a refreshment like water with fresh lemon.

When it comes to the actual plate selection, look for less processed foods. Opt for baked or grilled over fried or similarly heavy preparations. The more greens and vegetables, the better. Additionally, be aware that just because a dish is considered healthier does not mean a double or triple portion should be eaten.

Generally, it’s best to rely on your mindful eating to not overeat or overindulge in a social setting with all a restaurant’s options just a waiter’s errand away. Stop and consider the plate’s portions while checking in with your hunger level. Don’t hesitate to request a carryout container to split your plate before you start. Also splitting with a partner or friend can help you eat to satiation rather than for the enjoyment of the moment or flavor.

A common choice for healthier menu items is to mine the salads section. For instance, Me’s Burgers & Brews offers a sun-dried tomato salad. Not only does it offer leafy greens with vegetables, it also features health food staple quinoa. The salad’s rich grains and vegetable colors combined with a choice of tuna or chicken for protein has the potential to keep you full and energized longer, helping you resist cravings.

If you’re craving a burger, it may be better to just go ahead and order one but you can still choose wisely with toppings and protein. Options like the tuna steak burger or the buffalo meat burger are solid, high protein, low fat choices.

In the same category of salads, Dell’Anno’s Pizza Kitchen can keep you satisfied in the face of temptation with its assortment. The Greek and regular chicken salads meet many diet’s restrictions, while giving you balanced and refreshing food.

If lightening the caloric load while still ordering a special item is top priority, try an eatery like O’Kelly’s, which serves its sandwiches with a fruit cup substitute as a side. Their packaged salads are popular with on-the-go eaters, too.

When a craving for Hispanic flavors comes up, don’t be shy about venturing out because not all the dishes are covered in cheese with a side of empty carbohydrates. In fact, some of the more authentic plates may benefit you with its more healthful ingredient list.

One popular item found at many Mexican restaurants is chicken soup, which brightly captures the flavors of the cuisine while staying light and refreshing. San Marcos features fish soup that is boosted by vegetables like squash and zucchini. They, like most others, also serve shrimp or fish ceviche that is highly nutritious and unhampered by greasy preparation or starchy sides.

To round out a night on the town with a sweet treat may seem like the one moment you have to surrender to the vices or skip altogether. It doesn’t have to be that way! Again, all things in moderation can be included in a diet, especially if restriction leads to binging on certain foods.

However, to approach dessert with nutrition in mind can lead to some reasonably healthier yet absolutely delicious options. One good selection can be a fruit covered cup of frozen yogurt from Danville newbie Di’lishi. The healthier ice cream alternative paired with fresh fruit will keep you from feeling like you behaved too badly. Coco Ni offers a number of fun fruit-centric desserts with its light crepes.

Advice on diet and nutrition change as quickly as the wind shifts. Yet no matter your dietary preferences or goals, planning can help you succeed so you can enjoy the moment. No one food is inherently good or bad and depending on your needs. One person’s bad may be just right for you. Let this peek into the growing food landscape of Danville help you see options abound for every taste and health lifestyle.