Jeff Gignac

After college, Jeff Gignac found himself putting down roots in Danville.

Growing up one of four children in the Gignac family, Jeff Gignac said he was the most vocal about not returning to Danville after college. Yet his three siblings all now live in Charlotte, and he has been back in Danville working since 2010.

“Much of college I would have told you that I could see myself in Charlotte or Roanoke,” Gignac said.

His grandfather, Roy Gignac, began a business that supported both himself and his son, Mark Gignac, Jeff’s father, for 30 years. They all still live in Danville, and Jeff generally sees them weekly for dinner.

Jeff Gignac graduated from George Washington High School in 2005 and went on to Virginia Tech where he earned a business degree in accounting and information systems, later becoming a certified public accountant in 2012.

He returned to Danville in 2010 and accepted a job at Harris, Harvey, Neal and Co., a local CPA firm, then moved to American National Bank in 2014. In 2019 he accepted a job with Supply Resources Inc. downtown where he is currently the business manager.

“I manage the operations and finances for the three separate niches housed under the Supply Resources brand,” he explained. “I work and a variety of hobbies absorb every minute of my time.”

After his third year of college, he started softening up to the idea of returning home to Danville to work.

“The job market was tight and I secured my first job several months before graduating. Finding a job related to my major out of college was my only goal by this time and an opportunity in Danville opened up in 2010,” he said.

Outside of work, Gignac regularly frequents the downtown restaurant and brewery scene.

“I’m currently the president for After Hours Rotary as of July 1, and I serve on the God’s Storehouse and Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History boards, which is a source of civic engagement. I have also made many friends through these avenues,” he said. “Golf, exercise and riding my motorcycle take up the rest of the time I have left when done with work and civic duties.”

He does not regret his decision to be a professional in Danville.

“Fortunately, good opportunities have continued to present themselves, preventing me from ever needing to seek career advancement outside of the city,” he said. “It would be very difficult to find a more complimentary role to my skill sets than my current job in any city.

“As long as Danville compliments my career and quality of life goals, I will have no need to look elsewhere to satisfy those goals. That being said, I would never turn down a fantastic opportunity just because it would take me away from Danville.”

Gignac said his involvement in the civic and professional communities of Danville have not only aided in the development of his career, but have helped him build friendships and find mentors.

“I do not know that these various opportunities would have presented themselves to me in larger more urban areas where there is a deeper ‘bench’ of professional talent,” he said. “Young folks who care for this community and want to be plugged in to the efforts to make this community better are frequently presented opportunities for service, leading to leadership opportunities and inevitably career opportunities.”

He is excited about the development of the River District, which was just beginning as he returned to Danville.

“I cannot say with certainty that I would have stayed this long and made plans to stay for the foreseeable future had an influx of new young faces not started occurring. My entire professional and personal life takes place in the River District,” he said. “Ultimately, had this area not been developed, my search for quality of life and social outlets would probably have led me out of Danville.”

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