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CHATHAM — Pittsylvania County has created a sponsorship program that allows local businesses to partner with the county to landscape around any of the county’s 12 welcome signs.

The signs originally were installed 10 years ago and are located on all Virginia Department of Transportation roads that enter the county. With rebranding efforts two years ago, the signs were given a facelift to reflect the county’s new logo. Along with that facelift, this program was created to not only landscape around the signs with fresh mulch, trees and bushes but to allow businesses to partner with the county on its beautification efforts. Once a sponsorship for a location is secured, a sign is added with the sponsor’s logo.

“The new signs and landscaped areas around them not only welcome all to our county but give us an opportunity to partner with our businesses and market them as well,” Pittsylvania County Administrator David Smitherman said.

The sponsorship program separates the 12 welcome sign areas into three tiers and assigns an annual sponsorship cost to each. Tier 1 has three locations along the U.S. 29 corridor and is $5,000 per location annually. Tier 2 also has three locations along the U.S. 58 corridor and is $4,000 per location annually. Tier 3 has six locations including Highways 40, 57, 62 and 360 and is $2,000 per location annually. All locations in the program require a five-year commitment.

To date, four businesses are participating in the new program including Centra Health and Blair Construction (both are Tier 1 locations) and Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance and Mountain View Farms (both are Tier 3 locations). Sponsor signs have been installed at both Tier 1 locations with the signs for both Tier 3 locations forthcoming.

Any business interested in partnering with the county on a sign sponsorship can contact Mark W. Moore at (434) 432-1764 or mark.moore@pittgov.org.

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