Nearly two months after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, God’s Pit Crew is continuing to send aid to those who have lost everything.

In September, God’s Pit Crew sent four tractor-trailers of relief supplies containing Blessing Buckets, bottled water and generators to the hardest hit areas. Blessing Buckets are filled with items like toilet paper, snacks, bottled water and soap.

“Thanks to ministry partners like Agape Flights and Operation Compassion, we were able to get these supplies to hurricane victims just hours after the hurricane passed,” said God's Pit Crew Founder and President Randy Johnson.

The Danville-based nonprofit is now preparing to send an additional tractor-trailer loads of Blessing Buckets and bottled water, as well as a tractor-trailer load of new mattresses to Miami, Florida, where the supplies will be loaded onto a shipping container that is heading to the Bahamas.

“As people return to the Island, they will be in need of these essential life-sustaining supplies,” Johnson said.

God’s Pit Crew has also had the Dallas, Texas, based group of volunteers evaluating damage from a recent tornado. God's Pit Crew officials also have been reaching out to contacts to assess the wildfire situation in California as well.

To donate to God’s Pit Crew’s disaster response preparations, visit

—Special to the Register & Bee

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