Master gardeners

Graduates from the master garden training program are (front row, from left) Jamye Wright, Sharon Pressler, Kim Moore and Angelica Arthur; (second row) Sandy Pruitt, Zack Allen and Bonnie Hill.

At the Aug. 5 meeting of the Danville Master Gardeners, 10 members of the trainee class formally graduated.

Daniel Hale, an extension agent, begin his address to the graduates with a quote from Thomas Jefferson: “Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting hands.”

Hale expanded on the joys, service opportunities and challenges of being a master gardener.

The 10 graduates were recognized for successfully completing 50 hours of education relating to horticultural and environmental topics. Two graduates, Marsha Mendenhall and Bonnie Hill, were awarded valedictory status, having completed all quizzes with 100% scores. One graduate, Sharon Pressler, received an award for most volunteer hours completed during the class.

After a one-year internship and completion of 50 volunteer hours, the interns will become certified master gardeners. The new master gardener interns are Zack Allen, Angelica Arthur, Bonnie Hill, Joyce Lund, Cari Marshall, Marsha Mendenhall, Kimberly Moore, Sharon Pressler, Sandy Pruitt and Jamye Wright.

Registration is now open for the 2020 trainee class, which begins in February with an orientation session in January.

For more information, contact the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office at (434) 799-6558 or email The office located at 326 Taylor Drive, Suite 100, Danville, is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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