Danville Family YMCA

Sraff from the Danville Family YMCA and God’s Storehouse load food and other supplies gathered by YMCA members for transport.

New and existing members alike at the Danville Family YMCA helped to gather more than 1,700 pounds of supplies for God’s Storehouse.

On Feb. 3, staff from the Danville Family YMCA and God’s Storehouse — a nonprofit food pantry in Danville — worked together to help load food and other supplies gathered by YMCA members for transport to God’s Storehouse.

“I am very grateful for the donations made by the members of the Danville Family YMCA,” said Karen Harris, executive director of God’s Storehouse, about the drive held at the YMCA. “It comes at a time when our donation numbers are down, so it’s a wonderful gift to have these donations.”

God’s Storehouse works in the Danville community to help serve those in need and provide them with food and other supplies such as toiletries and personal hygiene supplies.

The Danville Family YMCA partnered with God’s Storehouse in mid-December as a part of a holiday membership incentive. As a part of the incentive, any prospective member who wanted to join could bring five items from lists of items needed at God’s Storehouse and would get their $50 initial joining fee waived.

“Partnering with God’s Storehouse was a great fit for our community,” said Dustin Whittle, associate executive director of the Danville Family YMCA.

“The partnership helped to provide food and other helpful supplies for those in need while also waiving the joining fees for new YMCA members. It was also impressive to see how many current members donated just to help out. It really shows how generous our community can be.”

With the help of both new members wanting to join and existing members just wanting to help out, the drive successfully gathered 1,793 pounds of food and supplies for God’s Storehouse.

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