Tim and Tiffany Meyers to Danville in March 2017 after discovering Ballad Brewing. Now they are helping to cultivated the nightlife and social scene that helps make Danville feel like home for them.

A brewing business brought Tim and Tiffany Meyers to Danville, but the life they have crafted since has made the River City their permanent home.

Tim, 32, and Tiffany, 31, relocated to Danville in March 2017 after discovering Ballad Brewing as it was still in its planning stages. Uncommitted to the long commute and less than passion-sparking jobs in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, the couple made the move just two years into their marriage.

“We only lived in the Poconos for a few years. We lived in Scranton before that,” Tiffany explained. “It was hard to meet people. It was a really stale place.”

They haven’t looked back since they found their home in Danville. At first, they resided in a River District loft. The conveniently located space kept them close to Ballad Brewing as it became an anchor in their life.

Tim joined the operation as the business operations manager, handling hiring and equipment. Tiffany was tapped to be the head of merchandising and design, which also calls on her to produce promotional artwork.

“It’s just a really good culture. It was easy to feel good about the decision,” Tiffany said of the River District and Danville at large.

The couple knew nothing about Danville before moving in to the community. No matter what they expected, they have been more than satisfied with the territory they have discovered and mostly due to the people.

“We didn’t even know the geography of it,” Tim joked, recounting how they hoped they might end up living on or near the beach.

Of course, there was a degree of apprehension. Previously in Pennsylvania, Tiffany was using her arts degree as a tattoo artist, and she was unsure how her elevated skill set would be put to the best use in the Danville area.

“The people are amazing. We really have made so many friends here. There’s just so many people moving in that everybody’s kind of looking for friends. So it’s easy to make new connections,” Tiffany said.

Her work soon was showcased in Ballad. From there, word of mouth propelled her artwork to spaces all across the River District and beyond. Her chalk calligraphy art may be the most visible projects, but she is trained in illustration and operates an online store for her works.

“I think that’s a testament to Danville — to come in here as transplants that haven’t been here long, you quickly feel part of the community,” Tiffany said. “You get to meet other people that have projects going on and other artists. Still small enough that it is very tight knit.”

For Tim, concerns about a boom and bust in the craft brewery industry made him carefully calculate the costs of relocation. Joining a new operation in a new market like Danville’s was a risk, as well.

“It did make us a little scared when we first moved here. Craft brewing is an industry that is being saturated really fast,” Tim observed before adding Ballad Brewing was jumping onto the trend under ideal circumstances for the local market.

A positive and productive attitude compelled the Meyers to feel confidence in the growth Danville had shown and promised for the future. They recently purchased a house in Danville, another sign that they are settling in for now.

“It’s such a unique opportunity for younger people in the workforce to make a quick impact and have positions they may not have had in a bigger city,” Tim said. “Being here on the ground floor, being here at the start is, I think, really exciting.”

As the couple have built up and put work into their employer Ballad Brewing, they have simultaneously cultivated the nightlife and social scene that helps make Danville feel like home for them. Events are a brainstormed product from the whole team, going off ideas that spark their passion or excitement.

“We’ve become pretty invested in the community,” Tim said. “We’ve grown to love the people we’ve met in a very short period of time. We love our neighborhood and want to see it improve more.”

The momentum is building, and the crowds are increasing, right along with the events and activities to keep the young couple busy in and out of work. That mutually beneficial growth feels right to the Meyers, especially in light of the friendly and collaborative attitude of the Danville they’ve come to know.

“The idea that the rising tide will bring everybody up and I think a lot of what we have going on here that‘s great can be boosted by additional tourism,” Tim observed.

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