Details for Notice of Demolition


NOTICE OF DEMOLITION BEST HOMES REAL ESTATE LLC R/A ELLIANE YORK RE: 729 TEMPLE AVE, DANVILLE VA 24541 PARCEL ID: 25121 Dear Property Owner(s) The City of Danville's Inspections Division has inspected the building on the above referenced property and found it to be in violation of the provisions of the most current edition of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, as adopted by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Housing & Community Development for the maintenance of existing structures. Further, it has also been determined by the Building Maintenance Official that this building is unsafe, unfit for human occupancy or unlawful pursuant to Section 105 of the VMC, and is hereby deemed a dangerous structure as defined in Section 9-3 of the Code of the City of Danville, VA, 1986, as amended. You are hereby notified that this building is a UNSAFE STRUCTURE, and the Building Maintenance Official prohibits any use or occupancy. ORDER The Building Maintenance Official has determined that in order to abate the unsafe or dangerous conditions on this property, this building must be demolished and removed. You are hereby ordered to complete the demolition and removal of this building within 30 days of this notice dated January 2, 2020. Failure to comply with this order to abate the unsafe and dangerous conditions will result in the City of Danville taking action to abate such conditions in accordance with the provisions of Virginia Code Section 15.2-906 and/or the Virginia Maintenance Code, as the Building Maintenance Official deems appropriate. This may result in legal action against you, which would subject you to a fine of up to $2,500.00, or the City may take the necessary action, up to and including the taking down and removal of the building, and charge the costs or expense thereof to you. Any charges assessed, which are unpaid, would constitute a lien in that amount against the property. A copy of the full text of this notice is on file in the Inspections Division of the Department of Community Development for the City of Danville. FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: KENNETH C. GILLIE, JR. DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, (434) 799-5260

729 TEMPLE AVE, Danville, VA


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