City of Danville

Recorded Aug. 19

Michael E. Albright to Philip Andrew Haley and Patricia Shelhorse Haley, lot 21 and partial lot 22, block G, 392 Hawthorne Drive, $227,125.

Myra M. Lester to Steven Scott Huggins, 100 feet, lots 30 to 33, 1149 Burton Drive, $67,000.

Curtis W. Hyatt Jr. and Angela R. Hyatt to Angela R. Hyatt, 80 feet, lot 14, section C, 165 Fairway Drive, no money transferred.

Rhue Wayhda Bell to Harold Wayne Huffman and Harold Wayne Huffman II, 50 feet, lot 179, 135 E. Thomas St., $8,500.

Barry Glenn Massie to New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust, 85.82 feet, lots 49 to 51, partial lot 52, 33 Holcombe St., $23,000.

Gary Leon Carter to Joshua David Brimmer and Areane Silvana Castaneda Chavez, lot eight, 184 Laramie Circle and Haven Drive, $52,000.

Recorded Aug. 20

Emma C. Beale to Roosevelt Morrison, lot 12, 118 Martindale Drive, $53,500.

Nexus Realty to Euvette Winshell Glaze, lot eight, section C, 219 Starmont Drive, $134,900.

Barbara J. Tanner Wilson to Alma Delia Moren, lot one, 1819 Halifax Road, State Road 729, $20,000.

Barbara J. Tanner Wilson to Alma Delia Moreno, 290.35 feet, lot one A, 301 Airport Drive, $14,000.

Recorded Aug. 21

Kenneth Lee Harrison to Joseph J. Conner, 74.71 feet, lot four, section one, 213 Guilford St., $74,000.

The Slayton Family Limited Partnership (Slayton Family Partnership) to John Alec Edge and Oleida Hembree Edge, 155.85 feet, lot two, section F, 416 Whittington Drive, $260,000.

D&R Hauling and Handywork, James Michael Robertson II and James F. Durham Jr. to Jaimes Family Rental, 50 feet, lot 12 and partial lot 11, block 27, 620 Kemper Road, $22,000.

Raymond Andrew Elliott (Raymond A. Elliott) and Patricia A. Elliott to One Nation Enterprises, 55 feet, lot two and 16, 254 Fagan St., $16,500.

Lyle Elton Evans to Kristopher Pemberton Evans, parcel one, interest in partial lot eight, Wendell Scott Drive, $15,000.

Mid-Atlantic Prospects to Old West End 108, 108 Holbrook St. and Chamber Street and corner, no money transferred.

123 South Union to Danville Honey Bee, 123 S. Union St. and Patton Street, no money transferred.

123 South Union to Old Bee, 115 & 117 S. Union St. and Patton Street, no money transferred.

Mid-Atlantic Prospects to Old West End 990, 86.9 feet, 990 Main St., no money transferred.

Curtis B. Wilkes, Courtney L. Dixon, Phyllis M. Wilken and Tonya D. Dixon to Excel Service Group, 17.971 acres, 1760 Richmond Blvd., no money transferred.

Recorded Aug. 22

Burnett Rentals to Davis Investment Properties, 50 feet, lots 23 & 24, 197 Northwest Blvd., $9,500.

Dyer Family Properties to Epic Management Group VA, lot C one, 149-163 Deer Run Road, $460,000.

Recorded Aug. 23

Joel D. Ross Sr. to Burnell Hairston, 436.01 feet, lot 97 B, 240 Chester Drive, $112,000.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded Aug. 21

Edward W. Chaney to James P. Poyhress, parcel one and two, State Road 730, Dan River District, $64,000.

Rhonda P. Griffith (Rhonda P. Varner) and Retha P. Parcell to Cynthia M. Stevens, lot 56, State Road 744, Tunstall District, $130,000.

Anthony G. Dalton and Donna M. Dalton to Garry H. Debord and Joy D. Debord, 20.58 acres, Pittsylvania County, $20,000.

Recorded Aug. 22

Vickie Gravely and Lori Hairston to Vickie Gravely, Keith Gravely, Glen Hairston and Lori Hairston, lot 10, State Road 862, Westover District, no money transferred.

Judy Fitzgerald Tickle to Gary T. Durham, partial lots 15, 16 & 17, State Road 1513, Pittsylvania County, $10,000.

Michael Bennett Oakes to Rosalind Oakes David, lot one and parcel A, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, $40,000.

Wesley V. Strader and Tiffany D. Breaux (Tiffany B. Strader) to Tiffany D. Breaux, lot five A, 1.030 acres, State Road 866, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded Aug. 23

Tammy C. Blankenship to Blackstock Properties, partial, Parcel H, 1.742 acres, Staunton River District, $21,500.

Matthew Richard Maples, Jecob Allen Maples and Julia A. Maples to Roger Lee Deitz and Amy Chaney Dietz, tract A, section A, 5.578 acres, Hardy Creek Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $227,125.

JTH Enterprises to J.D. Compton Sr., lot six, 0.611 acre, State Highway 360, Pittsylvania County, $4,500.

David L. Jones and Judy J. Merricks to Dwayne T. Jones and Zilpia S. Jones, tract C, 1.126 acres, Tunstall District, $20,000.

David A. Long Jr. to R. Stephen Wilkinson and Margie E. Wilkinson, lot 31, 1.452 acres, A Place in the Country Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $100,000.

George V. Burnette to Larry Williams, lot two, 1.120 acres, and lot three, 1.109 acres, Franklin Turnpike, Pittsylvania County, $16,000.

William M. Wilson and Jeri L. Wilson to William M. Wilson and Jeri L. Wilson, lot seven, Smith Mountain Lake, Callands-Gretna District, no money transferred.

Douglas W. Barringer and Lucy G. Barringer to Barry W. Young and Melanie B. Young, new parcel A, 10.363 acres, State Route 810, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

John Wayne Lewis and Mona Childress Lewis to Shannon L. Cobbs and Kimberly Cobbs, lots four and five, Lewis Lane, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Latane Whitehead Jr. and Lavonne Mosley to Leatrice Whitehead, lot five, section one, State Road 726, 2/3 interest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Ray L. Taylor and Eltha Jo Taylor to Michael T. Seckman and Vickie Y. Seckman, 0.361 acre, Dan River District, $7,000.

Trudi L. McDaniel (Trudi Lynn McDaniel Capozzoli), Trudi McDaniel McLin, Trudi Lynn McDaniell, Trudi McLin McDaniel and Trudi McDaniel to Ronnie G. Warren and Anna Warren, four parcels, State Road 622, Pittsylvania County, $30,000.

Recorded Aug. 26

Betty Jane Thomas to Jashus C. Kegley and Jessica D. Moreland, lot 13, Town of Hurt, $188,500.

Willie E. Thompson (Willie Ed Thompson) and Lovelyne A. Thompson (Lovelyn P. Thompson) to Sharronda Devia Carter-Poole, new lot G-four, 1.000 acre, Golf Club Road, Pittsylvania County, $13,000.

Joel D. Ross Sr. to Burnell Hairston, lot 97 B, Chester Drive, partly Danville City, Pittsylvania County, Danville City state tax, $112,000.

William J. Gibson Jr. and Patricia P. Gibson to Thomas Edward Meisel and Carla-Jean Meisel, tract C, 5.27 acres, State Road 730, Pittsylvania County, $197,500.

Garry C. Martin to Greater Canaan Land Church, lot 12, Callands-Gretna District, $53,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Rushmore Loan Management Services, 1.08 acres, State Road 745, Pittsylvania County, $29,900.

Recorded Aug. 27

Rita Payne to Billy S. Payne Jr. and Robbie T. Payne, lot two, 1/3 interest, Applewood Drive, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Patrick E. Lewis and Theresa D. Lewis to Jimmy Thomas Eades III, lot 13, Wood Haven Subdivision, Staunton River District, $47,360.

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Laverne Jones, 5.890 acres, State Road 750, Pittsylvania County, 47,843.

Nicholas J. Baker and Mary A. Baker to Kevin Thomas Baker, tract seven, 7.68 acres, State Highway 703, Pittsylvania County, $28,000.

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