Pittsylvania County government and schools are increasing internet access by opening wireless hotspots in several county facilities, including seven convenience sites, all four libraries and all four high schools.

To ensure proper social distancing, residents who use these hotspots are encouraged to remain in their vehicle.

“In times like this where hotspots are imperative to social distancing and student learning, we are glad to do our part in making our hotspots available to all that need them,” Scott Budd, county technology director, wrote in a statement.

Many county residents do not have access to reliable broadband access and normally the schools and libraries provide internet access to residents. Both are currently closed due to COVID-19.

The county hotspot locations include:

  • The parking lots of all four county high schools and all four library branches;
  • The Pittsylvania Pet Center near the dog park;
  • The parking lot of the Community Center; and
  •  Seven convenience centers including Blairs, Motley, Old Mayfield, Ringgold, Ringgold Depot and the Vo-Tech Convenience Center.

By March 25, the county also is hoping to add two additional sites: the County Administration Building and the Community Development Building.

Xfinity also has wireless hotspots available for free to both subscribers and non-subscribers.

Ayers reports for the Register & Bee. Reach him at (434) 791-7981.

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