City of Danville

Recorded July 24

Edgar R. Owen, Lillian A. Owen and Austin Christopher Owen to Edgar R. Owen and Nathan Edgar Busby, lot 14, 143 Longview Ave., no money transferred.

Martha B. Shelton to Susan S. Winstead, 65 feet, lot 14, section G, 433 Northmont Blvd., no money transferred.

Diane B. Alexander to Diane B. Alexander and Damon L. Alexander, partial lot three, 301 Locust Lane, no money transferred.

Joyce S. Chandler to Joyce S. Chandler, Donnie Tremayne Coleman and Daryl Anthony Coleman, 50 feet, lot 10, 117 Sunset Drive, no money transferred.

Allen C. Nester and Donna R. Nester to Lendy Nester Keesee, 100 feet, lots one thru four, 670B Holland Road, $36,700.

Recorded July 25

Lorena Gonzales Rojas to La Jalicense Corp., 104.87 feet, lot three and partial lot two, 816 & 818 Westover Drive, no money transferred.

Betty A. Starr to John W. Walck, 120 feet, lot 12, 148 Janice Court, $242,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to David Eugene Kitzmiller, 100 feet, lots 86-89, 313 Wrenn Drive, $9,700.

Recorded July 26

Walter Bruce Dalton to Robert M. Haley, 70 feet, lot 14 A, section L, 166 Winthrop Drive, $53,000.

Danny Allen Wallace, Sherry Wallace, David Allen Yeaman Jr., Paul Ashley Yeaman, Angelic Yeaman, Christi Wallace Oakes and Melvin Oakes to David Allen Yeaman Jr., Paul Ashley Yeaman and Brenda W. Yeaman, parcel one: lot six, 800 Franklin Turnpike, no money transferred.

Victor L. Brummett and Teresa C. Brummett to Benjamin Wright, lot five, section N, 626 Tamworth Place, $161,000.

Marcus A. Jones and Pamela B. Jones to Harold K. Griffith Sr. and Margaret K. Griffith, lot two, 1425 Claiborne St., $10,000.

Terri S. Barker to Jay E. Barker, 60 feet, lots 68 and 69, 123 James Road, $45,000.

Carmen S. Estevez to Erica Dayne Englehart, 50 feet, lots 95 and 96, 185 Howeland Circle, $72,000.

Recorded July 29

Jarrod H. Brown and Lisa T. Brown to Sylvia F. Frazier and Joseph T. Frazier, 120 feet, lot 24, section A, 435 Downing Drive, $225,000.

Frederick S. Price and Fromerian W. Price to Virginia Sovereign Realty, 0.127 acre, lot 12 A, 152 New St., no money transferred.

M.J.R.W. Inc. to Sanvi Corp., one acre, lot three A, Piedmont Drive, $375,001.

Recorded July 30

105 Trade Street to SSS Properties, 3.19 acres, Commerce Street, 105 Trade St., $512,500.

Marian E. Lawrance (Marian Emma Lawrance), Carol A. Baker (Carol Ann Baker) and Carol A. Baker to John E. Seepe III and Michelle Miguel Seepe, 181.58 feet, lot three A, section D, 237 James Road, $239,000.

REA Properties to Julio Diaz Cabrales and Anais Diaz, 60 feet, 54 Carlson Ave., $35,000.

Charles E. Case Jr. and Timothy R. Case to David Douglas, Ida Street, $12,000.

Recorded July 31

City of Danville VA to River District Development, 0.302 acre, parcel A, 297 Bridge St., $10.

Matthew Samuel Trent to Matthew Samuel Trent and Tafton Coleman Trent, lot 11, section C, 111 Andover Place, no money transferred.

James Eric Harris and Denise Diane Harris to Denise Diane Harris, 1.7 aces, lot, partial lot one, 714 Holland Road, no money transferred.

Dorothy H. Smith and Curry J. Smith to Hecter Perez Boyzo and Araceli Boyzo Salas, 80 feet, 813 Church St., $16,000.

Nicholas J. Mesango Jr. and Nancy L. Mesango to Andrew Lewis Talarico and Nicole Devall, lot one, section F, 185 Millerton Road, $135,525.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded July 25

Phillip Gavin Hylton to Lawrence Kevin Moser, lot one B, 0.496 acre, Pittsylvania County, $135,000.

Thomas L. Stephens Jr., Michael B. Stephens and Mark V. Stephens to Jerry W. Tribby and Linda Stewart Tribby, tract one, 9.14 acres, Oak Ridge Farms, Westover District, $39,000.

American Showcase Modulars to Justin E. Blair and Allison J. Blair, lot four, 1.8 acres, State Road 750, Pittsylvania County, $206,400.

Ricky T. Hogan and Janet B. Hogan to Pamela Ann Barker, lot two, 1622 acres, State Road 634, Pittsylvania County, $121,000.

Recorded July 26

Franklin Edward Austin and Ricky D. Trent to Maynard Gregory, partly in Halifax County, Staunton River District, $230,000.

Lydell E. Adkins and Kimberly W. Adkins to Gregory G. Knowles and Cindy L. Knowles, lot one and lot one A, Pittsylvania County, $58,000.

Alonza Turner and Faye L. Turner to Cathy A. Meyers, Preston A. Turner and Christopher A. Turner, various tracts and acres, Town of Chatham, no money transferred.

William H. Lewis III to Arthuro Orozco Flores, lot four, Dove Acres Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $52,800.

Linda C. Holley to Eric K. Roberts, lot eight and nine, Holley/Roberts Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

David L. Ellington Jr. to Ian K. Gregory, lot three, State Road 720, Pittsylvania County, $120,000.

Teddy B. Arthur and Debra K. Arthur to Danny L. Hankins, lot 10, State Road 733, Pittsylvania County, $35,000.

Dennis Larry Dockery and Timothy Alan Dockery to William Gene Johns and Jean Johns, 0.111 acre, Pittsylvania County, $500.

Susan P. Gauldin to Harold M. Gauldin (Harold M. Gauldin Jr.) and Darryl R. Gauldin, 2.00 acres, State Road 993, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Kathy J. Browe to John C. Altman, lot 16, section D, Lumpkins Forest, Pittsylvania County, $225,500.

Justin A. Pruitt and Carla A. Pruitt to Craig C. Worsham and Kristin M. Campbell-Worsham, new lot seven A, 1.894 acres, Pittsylvania County, $30,000.

Recorded July 29

Lucille J. Younger to Robert T. Hooke and Cindy C. Hooke, parcel, State Highway 686, Pittsylvania County, $300.

Lirdell B. Younger to Robert T. Hooke and Cindy C. Hooke, 0.59 acre and lot A, 1.11 acres, Pittsylvania County, $10,700.

Ronald D. Walden and Ruth T. Walden to Jessica N. Preston, lot 19, 0.998 acre, State Road 719, Dan River District, $40,000.

Dinah Deshazor, James Deshazor, Kathy Mays, Jane Mays, Harry B. Davis Jr., Damita Harris, Sandra Poteat, Michael Stephens, Linda Stephens, Johnnie Stephens, Marilyn Stephens and Tony Stephens to Sandra Poteat and Ebone Smith, lot five and six, interests, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded July 30

American National Bank and Trust Co. to Cassandra A. Shelton and Taylor B. Bowman, lot 26, State Road 734, Pittsylvania County, $94,000.

Charles W. Turner and Michael W. Turner to Danielle Polsky-Smith, lot 55A, 0.783 acre, State Route 750, Pittsylvania County, $90,400.

Georgianne E. Pyke to Montgomery C. Pate and Cynthia L. Pate, tract three, 5.873 acres, Roaring Fork Lake Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $292,500.

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