City of Danville

Recorded Sept. 27

Aster Realty Incorporated to Tabatha Gano, 48 feet, lot 22, 138 Harris Place, $50,000.

Ricky Lee Gravely and Robbie Lynn Gravely to Ricky Lee Gravely and Walter Richardson Gravely, lots three and four A, 109 Elwood Ave., no money transferred.

Ricky Lee Gravely and Robbie Lynn Gravely to Ricky Lee Gravely and Walter Richardson Gravely, 50 feet, lot nine block six, 406 Bryant Ave., no money transferred.

Ricky Lee Gravely and Robbie Lynn Gravely to Ricky Lee Gravely and Walter Richardson Gravely, partial lots 37 and 38, 2 London Drive, no money transferred.

Recorded Sept. 30

Melissa Wyatt Lynch, Ricky Elgin and Lisa Elgin to Gibson Properties, lot one, section V, 200 Brightwell Court, $77,000.

Clarence Wayne Holder Sr. and Barbara G. Holder to Clarence Wayne Holder Jr., 50 feet, lots 18 & 19, 223 Fagan St., no money transferred.

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Veteran Affairs, 37.8 feet, lot C, 163 Montague St., $63,760.

Recorded Oct. 1

Pamela G. Burnett to KHJ Holdings, 100.78 feet, lot three A, 2264 North Main St., $85,000.

Kimberly Leach Terry (Kimberly Anne Leach) to Kimberly Leach and Diana Raines Grayson, 75 feet, lot 24, section T, 111 Springfield Road, no money transferred.

Richard E. Sanborn and Joan M. Sanborn to Federal National Mortgage Association, 85 feet, lot three, section H, 125 London Bridge Drive, $60,000.

Lisa Frances Shelton and David B. Leonard to Ricardo Riano and Karen P. Riano, partial lot one, block six, 159 Virginia Ave., $38,500.

Mark L. Keene to Luis Carolos Payan Valles, lots four and five, 516 Locust Lane, $13,000.

Andrea Burney (Andrea J. Burney) to Ranzie Cardwell Jr., lots 10 & 12, Rice Street, $23,000.

Brenda A. Marshall (Brenda Joyce Adkins Arnold), Brenda A. Arnold and Brenda Adkins Arnold to Ranzie Cardwell Jr., 50 feet, lot four, 1109 Old Halifax Road, $20,000.

Marcus Demond Mays to Ranzie Cardwell Jr., 82 feet, lot B, 104 Cardwell St., $2,000.

Recorded Oct. 2

Susan Payne Herndon and Mark Ernest Payne to Johnny Wilson Sr., lot 28, section M, 262 Arnett Blvd., $74,200.

L&P Investment to Ruth A. Bost and Kimberly C. Willis, lot eight section H, 126 Waterford Court, $458,000.

Cheryl Deneen Morton (Cheryl P. Morton) and Dennis R. Pyles to Kevin L. Mays and Verona M. Mays, 93.93 feet, lot two, 516 Third St., $51,000.

Recorded Oct. 3

Robin Tonya Oakes to Xandi Nichole Lancaster and Robert Douglas Oakes, 40 feet, lot 13A and section M, 149 Schoolfield Drive, no money transferred.

Christopher Nicoletti and Meredith Nicoletti to Sherry Michelle Cockman, 70 feet, lot seven, section N, 29 Schoolfield Drive, $8,000.

Darryl A. Penick to Atlanta Bay Mortgage Group, lot six, section M, 449 Clarkson Drive, $106,110.

Anthony Sutphin to Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority, lot two, 619 Beauregard St., $5,000.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded Oct. 1

Robbie N. Smith (Robert N. Smith) and Robert Nile Smith to JMB Investment Co., 2.813 acres, Pittsylvania County, $172,500.

Recorded Oct. 2

Mark E. Payne and Kelley M. Payne to Dwight Lynn Wilson, lot 21, section A, State Road 750, Pittsylvania County, $92,000.

Douglas Patterson to Kevin Scott Greidan, lot six, 5.742 acres, Bloxsom Estate, Pittsylvania County, $62,000.

Shane L. Bagbey and Heather Bagbey to Shirley M. Taylor, lot 33A, section A, 1.620 acres, Bent Creek Road, Pittsylvania County, $325,000.

Redwood Properties to Carrie Marie Echols, lot, State Road 683 and 750, Pittsylvania County, $160,000.

John Page Collins, Sandra Martin Collins, Kathryn Collins Dix, Jean Carol Collins Johnston and Amy Collins Licata to John Page Collins, Kathryn Collins Dix, Jean Carol Collins Johnston and Amy Collins Licata, parcel, State Road 844, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded Oct. 3

Donnie Lee DeVall Sr. and Brenda A. DeVall to Donnie Lee DeVall III and Hunter N. DeVall, tract, 63.17 acres, State Road 612, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

GMF Estates Incorporated to Glenn I. Meadows, tract three and four, Hunting Ridge, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

VA Timberline to Mountain View Shores Property Owners Association Incorporated, various tract and acres, Callands-Gretna District, no money transferred.

Beverly M. Holley III and Derek F. Holley to Brett James Hylton and Brittany McGregor Hylton, lot 13, 9.603 acres, State Road 703, Pittsylvania County, $38,000.

Marsha Kathy Blair Robertson and Marsha Kathy Blair Robertson to Michelle B. Hyler, lot four, 0.591 acre, 626 Westside Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $130,000.

Steven Ray Tickle to Carol Ann Seaboch, tract one, 5.00 acres, section II, Whitetail Meadows Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

George Coleman Joyce, Christy Vaness Joyce and Linda Abbott Joyce to Harry A. Sherwood Jr. and Karen H. Sherwood, lot 17, 0.521 acre, Cool Branch Road, Pittsylvania County, $60,000.

Louise Wall Dalton (Ruby Louise Dalton) and Larry Wayne Dalton to Justin Rufus Adkins, Rufus H. Adkins Jr. and Jacqueline W. Adkins, 57.691 acres, Pittsylvania County $92,000.

Larry E. Prillaman and Monica T. Prillaman to John S. Orebaugh, lot four, 0.910 acre, Vantage Point Acres, Pittsylvania County, $35,000.

Kelly W. Chapman and Ashley B. Chapman to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., lot 67A, Town of Hurt, $146,302.89

Recorded Oct. 4

David Bruce Webb to Andrew K. Yeaman and Mary S. Yeaman, lots 89 thru 91, Highway 29, Pittsylvania County, $49,000.

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Lofton Leasing, 1.031 acres, State Highway 360, Pittsylvania County, $41,360.

Joseph D. Shaffer and Melissa W. Shaffer to Herbert Rhett Cobb and Holly Renan Cobb, lot six, 0.838 acre, State Road 876, Pittsylvania County, $256,000.

Jonathan Lee Martin to Scott Andrew Harris and Lauren Kinsey W. Harris, lot B, 5.0 acre, Oak Ridge Drive, Pittsylvania County, $245,000.

Elizabeth J. Blanks to Judy Baboun, 16.957 acres, Old Quarry Road, Pittsylvania County, $18,000.

Mary Tate Brumfield to Raymond Brumfield, 0.797 acre, State Road 820, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Maseda to Gerald H. Denney and Julianne S. Denney, lot 139 and 148, Eagle Pointe Shores, Pittsylvania County, $4,800.

Thomas J. Brown III and Janet H. Brown to Justin N. Brown and Randi C. Brown, tract A, 1.000 acre, State Road 662, Blairs District, no money transferred.

Ashley H. Moreira and Jay Moreira to William P. Chavis, lot three A, 0.573 acre, State Highway 41, Pittsylvania County, $126,400.

Victor Blaine Phillips and Lisa Renee Phillips to Towanna Cherie Rogers, lot B, 3.00 acres, State Road 863, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded Oct. 7

Mary P. Crider (Mary P. Davis) and Mickey L. Crider to Mary P. Crider and Mickey L. Crider, lot 11, Old Spring Road, Tunstall District, no money transferred.

Bryan L. Jensen and Nancy H. Jensen to Bryan L. Jensen and Nancy H. Jensen, 1.09 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Jody Lee Taylor to Brandon Lee Taylor, lot one B, 4.478 acres, State Road 1620, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Irye R. Emerson III and Andrew M. Emerson to Ashley Moreira and Jay Moreira, Lot 10, block D, section six, Fairfield Park, Pittsylvania County, $185,000.

Barry D. Carson and Patricia S. Carson to Beverly A. Grisales and Darcy H. Armstrong, lot one A, section B, Forestroad Drive, Pittsylvania County, $155,000.

Glen E. Hairston and Lori C. Hairston to Armando Ortiz Altamirano and Eucario Ortiz, lot three, 2.000 acres, Spring Hollow Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $9,000.

Insidrao Aguilar Salinas to Eucario Oritz, lot two, 2.00 acres, Spring Hollow Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $10,500.

Recorded Oct. 8

Carolyn A. Ghazi to DPR Properties Incorporated, Unit 224 Vista Pointe Condominium, Pittsylvania County, $335,000.

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