Recorded April 22

» Nan H. Robillard (Nan Harmon Muncy) to Norman Gero, 1.4 acres, lot three, 2400 Westover Drive, $185,000.


Recorded April 23

» Ecleaster J. Hall (Eclester J. Motley) to Jarrod O. Motley, lots 46 and 47, 249 Parkland Drive, $90,000.

» EPI Rentals to Aldo Mauricio Caller-Tario and Pijtawan Shoemaker, lots 35-39, partial lot 40, 141 King St., $28,000.

Arie M. Wilson to Mylinh T. Le and Thingoc Thi Tran, 520 Locust Lane, $58,000.


Recorded April 24

» Maxwell Lane Thomason Jr. (M. Lane Thomason Jr.), Terri Lynn Thomason Younger, Maxwell, David Thomason and Katie T. Phelps (Katie L. Thomason) to Thomas Investments, 168 Kentuck Road, no money transferred.

» Thelma S. Harris and Winstead E. Harris Jr. to Winsted E. Harris Jr., 70 feet, lot 24, section G, 1515 Kemper Road, no money transferred.

» Winstead E. Harris Jr. to Cheryl D. Hunt, 70 feet, lot 24, section G, 1515 Kemper Road, $69,900.

» Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Karreyatta D. Hood, lot 36, 327 Holbrook St., $80,000.

» Larry Wayne Pleasant (Larry W. Pleasant) to Tricor Properties, parcel one: 50 feet, lots three and four, 173 Cooper St., $40,000.

» Midfirst Bank to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 40 feet, lot 27, 729 Temple Ave., $10.


Recorded April 25

» Kenya S. Elliott, Latricia L. Elliott and Lenward Elliott to Kenya S. Elliott and Latricia L. Elliott, 70 feet, parcel 17, block G, 528 Cleveland St., no money transferred.

» Lenward Elliott to Latricia L. Elliott, lot 21, 239 Allison Drive, no money transferred.

» Ronald Keith Giles to Ronald Keith Giles, Joshua Keith Giles and Kimberly Kay Tucker, 70 feet, lot 18, section K, 80 Schoolfield Drive, no money transferred.

» Carson F. Lester Jr., Brian T. Lester and Barron J. Lester to Myra M. Lester, lots 30-33, 1149 Burton Drive, no money transferred.

» Opal Pritchett Adkins, Mark Adkins, Ricky Lee Pritchett and Pamela Pritchett to R&O Rentals, 66.59 feet, lot eight, section H., 114 Brentwood Drive, no money transferred.


Recorded April 26

» Agomuo Ventures to Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, DBA Preservation Virginia, 205 Jefferson Ave., $45,069.27.

» Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) to Sebastian Steele, 50 feet, lots 47 and 48, 100 Howeland Circle, $51,000.

» Wade Andrew Leatherwood to Tameka M. Hairston, 140 feet, lots 42 and 43, 329 Murphy Circle, $112,000.

» Exchange to Kevin J. Eldridge and Vivica W. Eldridge, 65 feet, lot 26, section B, 608 Brooke Drive, $81,500


Pittsylvania County

Recorded April 23

» Willie E. Thompson (Willie Ed Thompson) and Lovelyne P. Thompson (Lovelyn P. Thompson) to Willie E. Thompson and Lovelyne P. Thompson, three parcels, various acres and tracts, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Hunter D. Hedrick to James B. Eanes, lot 14A, 1.692 acres, State Road 718, Pittsylvania County, $189,900.


Recorded April 24

» Deborah Lillard Durham, Steven Ray Durham and Lottie Allen Lillard to Steven Ray Durham and Deborah Lillard Durham, tract A, 2.23 acres, U.S. Highway 58, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Deborah Lillard Durham, Steven Ray Durham and Lottie Allen Lillard to Justin Ray Durham, 2.75 acres, Tunstall District, no money transferred.

» Cheryl Ann Runyon (Cheryl A. Maszkie Wicz) to Cheryl Ann Runyon, tract 14, section two, 5.645 acres, Long Branch Farms Subdivision, Callands-Gretna District, no money transferred.

» Barbara M. Motley to Twila J. Coon, lot eight and ½ lot 10, Greenwood Drive, Pittsylvania County, $98,500.

» Priscilla G. Munson and Catherine G. Hastay to Earl Stanfield and Landon Stanfield, tract, State Highway 969, Callands-Gretna District, $220,000.

» Charlene F. Winn to Heirs of W.H. Winn, tract B, 0.627 acres, State Road 844, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» ASK & C to Jasmine Sinead Hunt and Laura A. Brown, tract 15 and 16, Chatham District, $16,500.


Recorded April 25

» Charles L. Moorefield and Barbara H. Moorefield to Sherri M. Thomas and Suzanne M. Curtis, lot C, 2.819 acres, State Road 947, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Phillip Wayne Kidd Jr. and Gina Rea Kidd to Shelby Osborne, 0.85 acre, Staunton River District, $108,000.

» Allan T. Murphy and Connie O. Murphy to Donald Taylor Sr., lot 24, section 11, 10.00 acres, Deerwood Ford, Pittsylvania County, $115,000.


Recorded April 26

» Happy Ann Osborne Overton to Michael Neal Overton and Debra Ann Bolling, lots 53 thru 59, State Road 720, Blairs District, no money transferred.

» Deborah Lillard Durham, Steven Ray Durham and Lottie Allen Lillard to Steven Ray Durham and Deborah Lillard Durham, 19.50 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Rebecca G. Midkiff, executor of the Estate of Mildred Gibson Rowland, Donald R. Rowland and Joanne G. Giles to Isaac Barbour and Kathleen Ellen Douglas, 0.93 acre, Callands-Gretna District, $60,000.

» Christine Hubbard Mayhew, Kiernan Hubbard Mayhew and Annette Mayhew Bailey to William Maynard Gregory, tract one, 49.78 acres and tract two, 236.51 acres, Pittsylvania County, $733,000.

» Chancelor Christopher Dowell and Bignca Celestine Dowell to Herbert M. Kendall and Rachel E. Kendall, tract five, 11.058 acres, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp. to Jeffrey K. Buchanan and Mirian E. Buchanan, lot two C, 2.682 acres, State Route 640, Pittsylvania County, $38,000.

» Delbert A. Sloneker and Maxine Joan Sloneker to Delbert A. Sloneker and Maxine Joan Sloneker, lot three A, 0.637 acre, State Route 822, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

» Internal Revenue Service to Mark R. Grossman, lot 23, 24 and lots 26 thru 28, section E, Playcation Retreat, Pittsylvania County, $31,100.

» Donald Maurice White to Charles Melvin White, lots five thru eight, St. Clair Drive, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.


Recorded April 29

» Myrna M. Conner to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., lot 127 Chatham-Chalk Road, Pittsylvania County, $42,000.

» Lana R. Dews to Charles Keith Moon and Shelia H. Moon, 23.8840 acres, Staunton River District, $50,000.

» Rose Marie Farmer, Susan Farmer Wuethrich (Susan Mae Wuethrich) and Ramsey Benjamin Farmer III to CW Properties Inc., 2.741 acres, State Route 40, Chatham District, $107,000.

» David G. Hoskins Jr. and Elizabeth J. Hoskins to Tarek I. Afify, lot 15, section J. Deerwood Springs, Pittsylvania County, $167,000.

» Mark Byron Hughes, Lynn Jeffery Hughes, Sandra Leigh Hughes Self, Gena Beth Hughes, Jon Michael Hughes and Mark Byron Hughes to James Michael Buckner II and Jeri-Lynn Hughes Buckner, tract three, 14.92 acres, Pittsylvania County, $68,000.

» R&P Country Club (R&P Country) to J&D Development Co., various parcels and acres, Staunton River, $604,905.

» Joel Tate Myers and Christina M. Myers to Jennifer Coursey, lots 31 thru 33, Peach Street, Town of Chatham, $158,000.

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