City of Danville

Recorded May 13

Michael E. Clark and Nicholas D. Clark to Donnie L. DeVall Jr., lots 149-152, 58 Vandola Road, $46,000.

Recorded May 14

Percy L. Averette To Corey L. Averette and Christopher L. Averette, Re: lot 22, section A, 2258 Robin Hood Drive, no money transferred.

Recorded May 15

Russell L. Hines (Russell Lee Hines Sr.) and Russell Lee Hines Jr. to Tia Denise Hairston, 80 feet, lot 19, section P, 419 Hampton Drive, $89,900.

Bobby W. Mitchell and Kirda A. Mitchell to Frank M. Shields, 119.10 feet, partial lots four through nine, 525 Ferry Road, $20,001.

John S. Bartholomew to John S. Bartholomew and Brandon Scott Bartholomew, 75 feet, lot D, 404 Church Ave., no money transferred.

Edgar M. Love, Lisa C. Love, James S. Love Jr. (James S. Love), Teresa S. Love, Harriet N. Love Cook (Harriet L. Baker), Donald L. Cook, Jean L. Kimball (Jean S. Love) to The Danville Life Saving and First Aid Crew Inc., 60 feet, partial lot five, South Main Street, no money transferred.

Shelton Memorial Presbyterian Church to Unity Presbyterian Church of Danville, VA, 50 feet, 738 North Main St., no money transferred.

Isiah Croom Jr. and Cynethia Croom to Cynethia Croom, 99.83 feet, lot one, 175 Fox St., no money transferred.

Iulian M. Bobe and Corrie T. Bobe to Iulian M. Bobe and Corrie T. Bobe, Re: 247 West Main St., no money transferred.

Mildred Rigney Johnson and Bonita Rigney Byrd (Bonnie McDowell) to Tiffany H. Blackwell and Kasey Kentrell Barr, lot 12, 114 Gloucester Ave., $85,000.

Recorded May 16

Rena Mae Greene to Ritchie W. Greene and Ame R. Zimmerman, 0.471 acre, lot three, 30 Baldwin St., no money transferred.

Opal Pritchett Adkins and Ricky Lee Pritchett to R&O Rentals, 50 feet, lots 26 and 27, 115 Riverview Ave., no money transferred.

James R. Marston Jr. to Teresa P. Hawker, 50 feet, partial lots nine and 10, 1450 Claiborne St., $8,300.

Mary A. Brooks, Ronald S. Brooks and Brenda R. Brooks to Geraldine M. Tate (Gerodine M. Tate), lot 20, .349 acre, 149 Brook Circle, $120,000.

Steven M. Dunn, Timothy L. Dunn, Taylor M. Dunn and Hillary J. Dunn to Gus S. Dolianitis, 70 feet, lot 22, 93 Glen Oak Drive, $19,000.

Phyllis F. Wyatt (Phyllis L. Wyatt) and Ernest E. Wyatt to Bobby Randy Wyatt, 62.50 feet, 1347 Pumpkin Creek Lane, no money transferred.

Acumen Physician Solutions and Piedmont Access to Health Services Inc., 135.88 feet, lot five A, 116 and 118 South Ridge St., $300,000.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded May 10

James L. Smith and Carolyn L. Smith to Kevin L. Aliff, 0.731 acres and parcel B, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Michael E. Slaughter and Laurie S. Slaughter to Danny Wayne Martin Jr., lot eight, Milam’s Pond Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $13,700.

Danny W. Martin Jr. to Michael L. Myers II, lot, 1.012 acres off Highway 360, Pittsylvania County, $89,000.

Fitz & Akers Development Rentals to Susie G. Akers, lot eight-1, 2.01 acres off State Road 717, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Donald E. McKinnis and Sandra McKinnis to Clara M. Jones, lot six, section A, Ridgecrest, Pittsylvania County, $139,900.

Willard T. King (Williard T. King Jr.) to Jarett Dalton and Jessica Dalton, tract A and lot A-1, 0.002 acre, Pittsylvania County, $30,000.

Karen A. Brooks to James W. Riggins, 0.773 acre, State Road 1047, Chatham District, $92,000.

FDI Postal Properties Inc. to APIF-Virginia, 0.4591 acre, U.S. Highway 29, Pittsylvania County, $120,000.

Recorded May 13

James R. Simmons and Delores H. Simmons to Vickie D. Adams and Antonio A. Iyoha, tract A, 0.735 acre, State Road 856, Tunstall District, $5,000.

Melvin Ray Emerson, James Johnson POA and Michelle R. Emerson to Jeffrey A. Mays and Dinah J. Mays, tract 24A, 2.159 acres, State Road 893, Pittsylvania County, $18,400.

Ralph Edmond Goad and Judith Carolyn B. Goad to Alaxander David Hosler, Amended parcel B, 27.231 acres, State Road 755, Callands-Gretna District, $87,450.

Vicky Carter Creasy to Michael J. Lovelace and Rachael K. Lovelace, lot eight, 0.86 acre and lot 10, 1.14 acres, Town of Hurt, $5,000.

Jeffrey W. Perkins to Haley’s Properties and Christopher S. Haley and Tracy Jamerson Haley, lot A 2, 1.014 acres, Callands-Gretna District, $43,000.

Sarah Ann Motley to Cakes By Kelsey, 1.44 acres and parcel, State Road 649, Chatham District, $43,000.

Midnight Acquisitions to Charles Stewart, lot five, section three, Woodland Acres Subdivision, Staunton River District, $31,500.

Recorded May 14

Elsie Ward heir at Law for Albert Ward to Reed Homes Real Estate, lots 57, 58 and 91, Pittsylvania County, $1,590.

James W. Marshall and Helen S. Marshall to Travis F. Marshall, lot 30, 13.647 acres, Callands-Gretna District, $91,000.

Harry Lee Clements (Harry L. Clements) and Linda R. Witcher to Carlton H. Witcher and Betty J. Witcher, lot 14, 0.692 acre, State Road 840, Pittsylvania County, $6,00.

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