City of Danville

Recorded Feb. 19

Wilson Gravely (Wilson Gatewood Gravely) and Daren Hall to Richard G. Gravely Jr., 150 feet, lots 48-53, Burton Drive, $4,500.

Richard G. Gravely Jr. to Daren A. Hall and Christy L. Hall, 150 feet, lots 48-53, Burton Drive, $6,000.

Julia H. Hughes to Erica Rae Skiddle, 49.93 feet, lot 12, block five, 220 Montague St., $77,400.

George V. Henderson, Jackie H. Henderson, Christopher G. Henderson and Danielle M. Henderson to George V. Henderson and Jackie H. Henderson, lot 34, section I, 806 Audubon Drive, no money transferred.

Claude R. McKee and Barbara McKee to Kathryn Ottelia Kruger, 100 feet, lots 53-56, 100 Parkway Drive and Westover Drive, $175,000.

Sandra M. Steven Mercado (Sandra M. Steven) to Ronnie Lee Burnett Jr. and Shannon Gray Burnette, 54.12 feet, lot 28, 129 Wilton Ave., $133,000.

Judy E. Parker to HBI Alternative Holding, partial lots one X-two X, section B, 1007 Lockett Drive, $47,000.

Recorded Feb. 20

Anna C. Riddle to David T. Wilson and Betty J. Wilson, lot six, section K, 560 Tamworth Drive, $175,100.

M.J.R.W. Inc. to Sanvi Corp., 1.5 acres, partial lot three A one, Piedmont Drive, $200,001.

Kristie Elliott Trent and Steven F. Trent to Moffett Hughes Elliott III, parcel two E, 211 East Thomas St., no money transferred.

Jo Ann Gravely (Joanne Gravely) and Richard G. Gravely III (Ricky Gravely) to Daren A. Hall and Christy L. Hall, 64.86 feet, partial lot 67 and lots 68-69, 3004 Westover Drive, $3,000.

Sharon Leigh Taylor to Keeter Investments, 65 feet, lot B, 209 Westview Drive, $36,500.

Recorded Feb. 24

Mark W. Foster to Kathryn Raine Heithaus Hurt, 84.22 feet, lot 32, section four, 320 Forest Circle, $180,000.

United Investment Group of Virginia to Joseph Marshall Garrett and Carolyn H. Garrett, 141 Montague St., $21,000.

Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquitiers DBS Preservation Virginia to Commonwealth of Virginia, Board of Historic Resources, 0.315 acre, 205 Jefferson Ave., no money transferred.

Recorded Feb. 25

Linda Brooks Gauldin to Tram Thi Thach, 60.16 feet, lot 43, 13 Elizabeth St., $28,000.

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lot six, section M, 449 Clarkson Drive, $10.

Christian M. Jeffords (Christinia M. Jeffords) to Bradford A. Newton and Crystal H. Newton, parcel one, lot A, 130 Gilliland Drive, $120,000.

George W. Davis III and Kathryn G. Davis to Brittany D. Ingram and Terrell J. Ingram, 50 feet, lot 16, block seven, 226 Virginia Ave., $150,000.

Recorded Feb. 26

Elizabeth Huggins Brown and William Sidney Huggins to Ja’Shem E. Allah an Demetrius D. Monroe, partial lot 42, Valley Street, $500.

Jerry C. Dudley (Jerry Dudley) Randy Lee Dudley (Randy Dudley), Roger Hodge, Mary Queen, Velma Webb and Tom Hodge to Irving R. Hernandez Rios, 75 feet, lot eight 139 Sweetbriar Drive, $40,000.

David W. Johnson III and Karen S. Johnson to Katherine E. Johnson, lot 18, section D, 134 Acron Lane, no money transferred.

DKM Properties to Piedmont Properties, 113.83 feet, lot four A, 920 Kemper Road and South Main Street, $120,000.

Recorded Feb. 27

Greta G. Jones to J-Ray Investments, lot 14X, section A, 706 Wimbish Drive, $40,634.59.

Timothea Kay Mingo to Federal Home Laon Mortgage Corp., 60 feet, lot 47, 229 Alpine Drive, $29,089.

Linda Lewis Stroud to Lawrence Terry and Joe Ann W. Terry, lot A, 696 Stokes St., no money transferred.

SRE to Fernando Salazar Hidalgo and Olga Garcia Martinez, parcel one, 50 feet, lot 104, 199 Southern Ave., $43,000.

ZP Enterprises to Nicholas Preston, 60 feet, lot three, 1325 North Main St., $32,000.

Andrew S. Goldstein to Maxine Fortinean-Lee, parcel one, lot 0, 245 Garfield St., $35,000.

Recorded Feb. 28

Joshua W. Fogle and Thomas R. Fogle to FZ Homes, lot 20, section J, 719 Glendale Ave., no money transferred.

Donald Chamberlain and Elizabeth Chamberlain to Jeffrey D. Gignac, 50 feet, lots one-two, block three, 148 Montague St., $87,000.

James E. Dehart and Rebecca Moore Dehart to Pierre Lavar Jones, 75 feet, lot 23, section H, 137 Graymont Place, $91,500.

David H. Patterson to Cherry Alena Parks, lot 14, section U, 255 Brightwell Court, $74,500.

Recorded March 2

David B. Bonebright and Velaine G. Bonebright to Kelly Leroy Sparks and Damien W. Sparks, lot 30, section G, 131 Southland Court, $157,500.

U.S. Bank National Association to Stuart Douglas Martin, 100 feet, lots 43-46, section A, 1192 Pumpkin Creek, $75,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to Mark Anthony Saunders, lot 11 X, section C, 205 Fox Hollow Drive, $130,000.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded Feb. 19

James A. Moore Jr. and Elizabeth Ann Collins Moore to James Anderson Moore Jr. and Anne Collins Moore, tract three A, two A and 14A, State Road 836, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Dana M. Gryder to Barbara Ireson Green, lot 13, Courtland Park, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Joseph B. Cash and Lisa Michaels Cash to Joseph B. Cash and Lisa Michaels Cash, 3.35 acres, State Route 863, Tunstall District, no money transferred.

Mary S. Stegall to Hugh T. Kelly and Joyce S. Kelly, lot four, 5.992 acres, State Road 703, Tunstall District, no money transferred.

Mary S. Stegall to Marjorie S. Wimmer, lot seven A and Triangular strip, State Road 703, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Eric C. Arnold to Lisa M. Bradner, lot 18, 1.37 acres, State Road 839, Pittsylvania County, $242,900.

James C. Hunter, Donald A. Hardison II and Angela Dawn Hardison to The Hunter Corp. of Danville, lot 29, section one, 0.492 acre, Stoneridge Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Larry Grayson Turpin (Larry Turpin), Larry G. Turpin and Elizabeth Ann Turpin (Elizabeth L. Turpin) to Darryl E. Turpin and Sherry T. Turpin and Dennis W. Turpin, lot three A, State Road 1142, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Larry Grayson Turpin (Larry Turpin), Larry G. Turpin, Elizabeth Ann Turpin (Elizabeth Turpin) and Elizabeth L. Turpin to Darryl E. Turpin, Sherry T. Turpin, Dennis W. Turpin and Autumn N. Turpin, lot two and partial lot one A, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Larry W. Parson Sr. to David T. Abbott and Sylvia W. Abbott (Silver E. Abbott), 0.34 acre, 0.12 acre and 0.244 acre, Pittsylvania County, $30,000.

The Hunter Corp. of Danville to Kristy M. Davis and Amy T. Ragsale, lot 29, section one, 0.492 acre, Hickory Court, Pittsylvania County, $276,025.

Recorded Feb. 20

Four Fifty-Five to W7 Properties, 1.031 acres, Pittsylvania County, $91,775.

Joan M. Kidd to Fireside Land, lot 14, River Ridge, Pittsylvania County, $4,970.

Stacey Lee Courts to Hankins Enterprises, lot A, 1.540 acres, State Route 610, Pittsylvania County, $6,000.

Brenda Gibson White to Mark E. Lewis, 6.12 acres, Chatham District, $180,000.

Stanley E. Murphy, Brian W. Murphy (Brian Murphy), Cheryl M. Donison, (Cherly Donison), Judy Riggins (Judith M. Riggins), Jams Edmund Giles and Edith Saunders to Brian K. Pritchett and Cheryl A. Pritchett, 2.00 acres, State Road 1041, Pittsylvania County, $22,500.

Recorded Feb. 21

Donna Kathleen Anderson Barker and Kevin Wayne Barker to Barker Farmers, lot one A and one B, Pittsylvania County, $45,679.20.

Donna Kathleen Anderson Barker (Donna Kathleen Anderson Haskin) and Donna A. Haskins to Barker Farms, lot one, 11.3 acres and 0.548 acre, Pittsylvania County, $255,217.

Rural Housing Service, United States Department of Agriculture to High Country Holdings, lot four, 0.574 acre, State Road 717, Pittsylvania County, $35,500.

Pamela Rains and Barrie Scearce Irwin to Nathan David Fox, lot four, 1.091 acres, State Road 41, Pittsylvania County, $77,000.

Bharatiben Chaudhary to VRAJZZ, lot one, 1.555 acres, Staunton River District, no money transferred.

Lisa L. Vance and Mark Allen Vance to Lisa L. Vance and Mark Allen Vance, 0.599 acre, State Road 868, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

James T. Smith and Georgia M. Smith to State Employee’s Credit Union, 2.31 acres, State Route 859, Pittsylvania County, $49,870.19.

Darris Price to Jarel Grey and Lisa Grey, parcel, Pittsylvania County, $12,000.

Kenneth A. Jeffries Jr. to Jeremy T. Scott and Kristen L. Scott, lot six A, lot seven, Splendor’s Gate, Pittsylvania County, $214,200.

Recorded Feb. 24

Tami G. Morris and Kenneth Morris to Barker Farms, tract two, 30.884 acres, State Route 649 and 750, Pittsylvania County, $60,000.

Wallace Jay Wyatt, Shelia Wyatt, Barbara T. Wyatt and Wallace J. Wyatt to Jayme Renee Wyatt, parcel A, 8.328 acres, Staunton River District, no money transferred.

Lillian Veronice F. Musgrove, Gloria G. Foster and Gene Maurice Foster Jr. to Jeffrey Scott Chriswell, Mary Ashly Cowan Criswell, tract E and F, State Road 863, Tunstall District, $95,000.

Artress Lavern Baize to Artress Lavern Baize Howard Jones Sr., lot B-one A, 0.742 acre, Pittsylvania County, $36,900.

Vista Pointe Condominium Property Owners Association Inc. to Thomas Keith Nickols Jr. and Rebecca E. Nichols to Thomas Keith Nickols Jr. and Rebecca E. Nickols, phase II Unit 201, Vista Pointe Condo, Pittsylvania County, $260,000.

Douglas H. Cross and Susan M. McMillan to Pittsylvania County Virginia, lot 49, 0.502 acre, Meadowwood Court, Pittsylvania County, $35,000.

James Howard Crane to Roberts Investment Properties, lot six, 3.66 acres, Pittsylvania County, $112,500.

Sandra Kaye Anderson Tuck to Barker Farms, lot two, 19.033 acres, Pittsylvania County, $45,679.20.

A. Scott Carter and Gail P. Carter to Roger Gunter and Marilyn Gunter, lot one, 0.214 acre, State Road 863, Pittsylvania County, $100.

Recorded Feb. 25

Dobres Nancy Ney to Lisa Marie Ney, tract 12, Barker Farms Subdivision, Staunton River District, no money transferred.

Lisa Marie Ney to William Meads and Carol Meads, tract 12, Barker Farms Subdivision, Staunton River District, $32,000.

Manning Properties Inc. to Cody Michael Henry and Hannah Elise Cook, lot eight, section two, Staunton River District, $109,500.

James E. Barker Jr. and Tracey A. Barker to John M. White III and Rebecca J. Whtie, lot 12, 13 and 14, State Road 834, Pittsylvania County, $10,000.

Samuel R. Munford and Carolyn H. Munford to Callie V. Seay and Tammy D. Tucker, 0.46 acre, State Road 834, Chatham District, no money transferred.

Lorraine Phipps Womack (Lorraine P. Koontz) to Travis E. Buchanan and Lisa A. Buchanan, 4.1 acres, State Road 863, Pittsylvania County, $260,000.

Kim Zeddie Walker, Debbie Lee Samuels, Kathie Ann Owen and Bonnie Sue Iahn to Chassiti Nicole Allen, lot one, 0.477 acre, State Road 992, Pittsylvania County, $117,000.

Carley Nicole Thompson to Austin T. Clark, lot 19 and 20, Lynn Street, Town of Hurt, $94,500.

Recorded Feb. 26

Eric W. Prunty and Marjorie C. Prunty to Atkinson Rentals, lot seven, section B, Ridge Road, Pittsylvania County, $71,540.

David Edward Yeatts and Anne Scruggs Duffer (Anne Scruggs Yeatts) to David Edward Yeatts and Ava Yeatts, 4.29 acres, 4.06 acres and 0.053 acre, Staunton River District, no money transferred.

Lisa B. Eanes to Albert Johns Jr., lot two A, Route 947, Dan River District, $10,662.18.

Elizabeth Wilson Whitehead to M. Scott Waller Living Trust, 116.990 acres, U.S. Highway 29, Pittsylvania County, $195,000.

Lonnie L. Campbell to Kelly A. Haley, 0.873 acre, State Road 948 and U. S. 58, Pittsylvania County, $12,000.

Rhonda McCoy Mason to James A. Moore Sr., lot six, Staunton River District, $31,000.

Scott W. Shubert and Tammy M. Shubert to Mark Henry Greenawald and Joanne H. Greenawald, lot nine, 0.512 acre, Pittsylvania County, $618,300.

Deborah L. Ferrell to Craig Neal Beatty and Pamela Taylor Davis, parcel nine A, 4.538 acres, State Road 743, Pittsylvania County, $40,000.

Timothy D. Agnor Jr. and Laura Thomas Agnor to Brandon Le Pruitt, lot three A, 1.000 acres, State Road 732, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Henry C. Knox-Dick, Jeffrey Mackenzie and Laura Knox-Dick Todd to Meadowview Farms, tract two and lot two, Pittsylvania County, $225,000.

Johnny R. Elgin Jr. and Lisa H. Elgin to Lisa H. Elgin, lot two, 1.06 acres, Meadow Brook Farm, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Cathy R. Hanabury to Cathy R. Hanabury and Mark R. Hanabury Jr., tract three, 18.73 acres and 0.97 acre, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded Feb. 27

Constance Lynne Wheeler and William O. Kelton to William O. Kelton and Constance Lynne Wheeler, 0.99 acre, State Road 1522 and 1534, Tunstall District, no money transferred.

Dominick Smith to Penny Mac Loan Services, 3.014 acres, Pittsylvania County, $52,650.

Garry H. Deboard and Joy D. Deboard to Roger Lee Gibson and Sandra K. Gibson, lot Q, 5.000 acres, Ponderosa Drive, Dan River District, $40,000.

William R. Mcaninch to P&D Properties, parcel A, 5.508 acres, State Route 831, Pittsylvania County, $17,419.33.

Mary Kendall Hope (Mary S. Kendall) to Milton H. Kendall and Betty H. Kendall, 26 acres and tract two, State Road 63, Callands-Gretna District, $30,000.

Russell W. Eades (Russell A. Eades) and Russell W. Eades (Russell A. Eades) to Oliver A.K. Jackson and Randi M. Jackson, parcel B, 1.256 acres, Pittsylvania County, Staunton River District, $170,000.

The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to Wesley N. Burke, 0.497 acre, State Road 718, Pittsylvania County, $33,000.

Neal A. Martin and Donna H. Martin to Neal A. Martin and Donna H. Martin, 1.22 acres, State Highway 657, Callands-Gretna District, no money transferred.

Gretna Properties to Jamie L. Kurtz and Morgan B. Kurtz, parcel, State Highway 768, Callands-Gretna District, $470,000.

Jason H. Coleman and Jennifer E. Coleman to Tovir L. Evansm 0.46 acre, Town of Hurt, $129,900.

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