City of Danville

Recorded July 9

Roberts Investment Properties to Kelita V. Hairston, lot two, 307 Guilford St., $113,500.

Irene E. Anderson to Dustin T. Hook, State Road 863 City of Danville and Pittsylvania County, Moorefield Bridge Road, $180,000.

Recorded July 10

David M. Smith and Deborah Y. Smith to Seth P. Thomas and Hilary A. Thomas, Unit 345, Building 18, Phase V, Cabin Creek, 345 Seminole Trail, $28,000.

Richard W. Berkley and Rebecca E. Berkley to John Cupp, lots 368 and 369, Luna Lake Road and 141 Red Bud Lane, $78,000.

John H. Laramore to SS Lofts, Wilson Street, $20,000.

Janice Wilson, Audrey Caldwell, Joyce White (Joyce M. White), Leroy Wilson, Clara Wilson Walker (Clare Wilson), Frederick Wilson, Deborah Gaddy, Linda Cosby, Brenda Reed, Lorenzo Wilson, Rodney Tonge and Jacob Tonge to Jackie D. Wilson and Martha P. Wilson, 0.152 acre, lot 26, block A, 106 Charles Towne Drive, $219,900.

Recorded July 11

Larry G. Morris and Marquita C. Morris to Jose Salada Zavda Umana, 50 feet, lot C, Oakland Avenue, $5,000.

George William Perdue III to GWP Venturen, 50 feet, lot 22, 140 Harris Place, no money transferred.

Aster Realty Inc. to Fred B. Leggett III and Rena J. Leggett, 70 feet, lot nine, section V, 38 Dallas Ave., $30,000.

K.H.C. Association to Bridgette Combs, lot nine and partial lot 10, section C, 97 Bishop Ave., $45,000.

Recorded July 12

John C. Crane Jr. and Kay C. Crane to John Leroy Bowman and Marie Brewster Bowman, lot one, section H, 318 London Bridge Drive, $257,000.

A.B. Cassada and Vickie G. Cassada to Latoria Logan, 92.33 feet, lot 13, section B, 840 Melrose Ave., $32,000.

Richard W. and Rebecca E. Berkley to John C. Cupp, partial lot 370, Luna Lake Road, $1. (correct)

Kelly Wayne Brande and Cindy Kay Brande Hawker (Cindy Kay Brande) to Darlise L. Carter, lot five A, section S, 116 Kitty Hawk Drive, $126,000.

Johnston Holdings and William Russell Johnston to Justin T. Boone, parcel one: 133.14 feet, lot 33, section L, 1 Milton Ave., $40,000.

Riverview Plaza to Julia Miranda Tisdale, 50 feet, lot five, section E, 316 College Ave., $85,500.

Gloria J. Williams to Larry K. Love and Wylinder M. Love, 120 feet, lot one, section K, 200 Shamrock Drive, $128,000.

Melvina Hairston Knight and Janea Markida Hairston to Jamarcus M. Hairston, 44 feet, lot 15, 1107 Washington St., no money transferred

Pittsylvania County

Recorded July 10

Lloyd E. Gaskins and Angela R. Gaskins to Jacob M. Hooper, lot four, Dan Rives Estate, Pittsylvania County, $104,900.

Rulers to Elwin Allen Armistead III and Elwyn Allen Armistead Jr., four parcels, Staunton River District, $285,000.

Heather M. Bernard to Cheryl D. Starling, two parcels, State Road 876, Pittsylvania County, $57,610.

David T. Tucker and Tammy M. Tucker to Lance D. Fowler, lot two, 1.213 acres, State Road 640, Pittsylvania County, $95,750.

Marsha Kathy Blair and Marsha Kathy Blair Robertson to Christopher D. Priggen and Brenda H. Priggen, lot six, 0.74 acre, 626 Westside Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $220,000.

Recorded July 11

SRE to Stacey L. Jarrett, lot seven, section A, Pittsylvania County, $120,000.

Saford W. Philpott and Sally H. Philpott to Robert Horton Adams, one acre, Tunstall District, $90,100.

John M. Thompson to Michael L. Hughes, lot 21A, 1.000 acre, State Road 992, Dan River District, $20,000.

Jeffrey Curtis Pearson and Tami Person Voges to Pamela Shelton Love, lot 12 and 11, State Highway 745, Pittsylvania County $115,000.

Justin Layne Demott to Steven Wilkerson, lot six, Bennett Estates, Pittsylvania County, $105,000.

David A. Motley and Chelsea T. Motley, lot three, State Road 724, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Pamela Carol Marlowe, Jeffrey Todd Marlowe and Patricia W. Marlowe to Donald R. Holley, Andrea M. Holley and Patricia W. Marlowe, tract four C, 7.4 acres, State Road 817, Pittsylvania County, $30,000.

Oliver Wade Keatts to Edward Terry Lanier Jr. and Donna Dudley Lanier, parcel A, 53.60 acres, Pittsylvania County, $145,000.

Recorded July 12

Marie D. Saunders (Minnie Marie Dalton Saunders) by Gwen Saunders Reedy, her attorney-in-fact, Pursuant to a General Power of Attorney, to Kyle Randolph Scott and Brenda W. Scott, 1.9 acres, Staunton River District, $75,000.

Lynne Martin Eddlemon (Toya Lynn Eddlemon), Lynne Martin Eddelmon, Annie Martin Benoit (Holly Anne Benoit), Anne Martin Saunders, Preston Martin Tucker, William Alfred Tucker, Donna Martin Springer, Thomas Mallory Tucker Jr. and Janice Meredith Tucker Lindel to Leslie Wayne Osborne, 37 5/10 acres, Pittsylvania County, $90,000.

Leslie Wayne Osborne to Briar View Farms, 37 5/10 acres, Pittsylvania County, $90,000.

Kay Li B. Nance, Matthew Ryan Nance and Heidi Megan Nancy Wilson (Heidi Magan Nancy) to Danville-Pittsylvania Regional Industrial Facility Authority, lot four, Oak Ridge Farms, Pittsylvania County, $244,611.

Eastern Panel Realty to Joyce Logan, lot 11, 0.464 acre, State Road 694, Pittsylvania County, $165,000.

Yolanda Delgado Gonzalez to Deborah L. Ferrell, lot 21 and 22, State Road 740, Tunstall District, $35,000.

Miguel Ruiz (Miguel Ruiz M. to Brandy L. Ruiz and Laura Angeliza Tiznado Arellano, lot 48, 5.100 acres, Splendor’s Gate Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Ann Millner Deering to Justin Alejandrao Ruiz, 24.839 acres, State Route 854, Westover District, $20,000.

Salvador Ruiz and Brandy L Ruiz to Salvador Ruiz and Justin A. Ruiz, lot 25, Sugar Tree Park, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Nancy Jo Meadows to Jonathan L. Moore and Jennifer L. Moore, lot one, 0.973 acre, State Road 718, Pittsylvania County, $70,000.

Patricia McClintock to Brandon A. Trembley and Robin L. Trembley, new lot, 1.720 acres, Pittsylvania County, $210,000.

Megan N. Lakey to Harley D. Tucker and Karla M. Tucker, 0.94 acre, State Road 727, Pittsylvania County, $145,000.

Amanda D. Matherly to Brittany Robinson, lot five and five A, Pittsylvania County, $$129,900.

France B. Ferrell to Revonda Leigh Ferrell, lot two, State Road 926, Tunstall District, $250.

Beverly A. Grisales to Brian K. Walker and Michelle McGhee, new lot 12 D and lots one thru 11, U.S. Highway 29, $38,000.Clarence V. Moschler Jr. (Clarence Villard Moschler Jr.) to Brenden M. Burkholder and Dianna M. Burkholder, 1/10th acre Main Street, Town of Chatham, $27,000.

Recorded July 15

Christopher S. Bruce and Melvin R. Bruce to Everett I. Cook and Taylor D. Cook, new lot, 0.777 acre, Staunton River District, $102,500.

Carol Lee Cooper to James H. Martin, 57.94 acres, Pittsylvania County, $90,000.

Virginia Habitat for Humanity to Manfred M. Straehle and Stacy L. Jones-Straehle, triangular lot C, 0.29 acre, Pittsylvania County, $34,000.

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