City of Danville

Recorded Feb. 19

Landa Carol Samuels Lavinder James to Kenneth Powell and Dusty Rose, 50 feet, lot nine, section 26, 525 Hughes St., no money transferred.

Kenneth Powell and Dusty Rose to Orlando Logan Jr., parcel one, 50 feet, lot nine, section 26, 525 Hughes St., $12,000.

Recorded March 3

Jennifer Jones Chumley to Lyallpur Investment Inc., 60 feet, lot four, block eight, 1108 North Main St., $9,000.

Cleatis T. Swanson to Jerry Boone, Rose Boone Jr. and Debra Boone Jones, partial lots 237-238, 225 Roberts St., and Prospect Street, $18,000.

Edith M. Daniel to Deluxe Properties, parcel one, 65 feet, 1624 Blair Loop Road, $42,000.

Leonard J. Tatum II and Kimberly A. Tatum to Kimberly H. Tatum, lots A & B one, 1761 Blair Loop Road, no money transferred.

Stephanie D. Newton to Midfirst Bank, 60 feet, lot 19, section C, 771 Melrose Ave., $31,160.

Recorded March 4

Stuart C. Shields to Frank M. Shields, 40 feet, lots seven and eight, block D, 311 Marshall Terrace, no money transferred.

Randolph L. Curtis to Ken D. Curtis and Kellee D. Davis, 3.7 acres, lot 21, 311 Parkway Drive, no money transferred.

David Lee Adams and Larry Wayne Adams to Mary Kathryn Fleming, 98.87 feet, lots 41 and 44, block A, 200 Parkway Drive, $57,000.

Jason Grey to Angela Carol Scarce, 64.97 feet, lot 13, section J, 123 Shadowwood Court, $150,000.

Clyde T. Farmer to Jayson Lamar Farmer and Rhonda Michelle Farmer, 2202 Halifax Road, no money transferred.

Recorded March 5

George F. Dickens to Mark W. Mantooth, 64 feet, lot four, section H, 240 Park Circle, $40,000.

Phyllis Epperson Harris to Norman Cary Epperson and Linda Epperson, parcel one, tract B, 285 W. Woodlawn Drive, no money transferred.

Frank M. Shields to Nicholas Preston, 48 feet, lot 16, 188 Marshall Terrace, $55,000.

Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) to Robin McConahey, 75 feet, lot eight, section A, 1032 Lockett Drive, $59,000.

Recorded March 6

Coleman A. Maddox Jr. and William J. Wellbank to Mindy Jenean Adams and Brandon Adams, 50 feet, lot 21, 234 Jefferson Ave., $112,500.

Donald Jim Allen, Susan Allen, Amber L. Bailey and Timothy Bailey to John D. Townsend Jr., parcel one, lots 52-55, 642 Elizabeth St., no money transferred.

Scott Waldron Jones to L&K Housing Group, parcel one, lots A&B, Charlotte Avenue, $28,000.

Mary S. Ashworth to Maureen Catherine Belko, 48.06 feet, lot 25, 213 Marshall Terrace, $93,100.

Willie Edward Pounds to Gwynn Properties, 40 feet, lot 24, 309 Church St., $30,000.

Eagle Management Co. (Eagle Management Co.) to Paul Flores Olivarria, 70 feet, lot six, section H, 46 Augusta Ave., $2,500.

Landon R. Wyatt Jr. and Dorothy Wyatt Adams to Wingnut, lots one-four, 115 North Market St., $30,000.

Nathan Geremy Blackburn to Carol Ann Laxton, 50 feet, lot two, 1210 & 1212 West Paxton St., no money transferred.

Recorded March 9

The Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Spring View Properties, 50 feet, lot three, 188 Rocklawn Ave., $40,750.

Laurie T. Aaron, Kathy T. Deaner and Donna T. Scott to Charlene M. Davis Willis and Kevin Willis, lot 20, section K, 521 Brightwell Drive, $137,400.

Derek L. Adams and Misty D. Adams to Gregory Green and Lorrine D. Green, lot 14, section N, 390 Mowbray Arch, $249,900.

Cleatis T. Swanson to Massey-Peguero, 35 feet, lot eight, 730 Temple Ave., $11,100.

Recorded March 10

Marilyn King to Calvin R. Gammon Jr. and Janette S. Gammon, 75.01 feet, lot 19A, 800 Vicar Road, $118,000.

M&A Contracting to Jason Purnell, 60 feet, lot eight , 353 Chatelaine Ave., $10,000.

Susan L. Owen and Robin L. Arnold (Robin L. Martin) to Regina M. Raines, 68.5 feet, lot B, 199 Orchard Drive, $90,000.

Rayni Elizabeth Maldonado, Mark Robert Cooke and Lamont S. Cooke to 510 Spring Street, 27.17 feet, 510 Spring St., $8,000.

Betsy Willsey to Derek L. Adams and Misty D. Adams, lot eight, section I, 117 Woodstock Way, $235,000.

Recorded March 11

Lola Keene Smith to Lauren D. Smith, 60 feet, lot 26, 120 Princess Drive, $25,500.

Michel O. Hogan to L&K Housing Group, 57.13 feet, partial lots 75-77, Westminster Court, Beverstone Park, no money transferred.

Lou Ellen Wallace, Alvin Phillip Wallace, Susan Carole Brooks, Donald Stephen Brooks, Paula C. Yancey, Don Jackson Yancey and Lawrence Wesley Creasy II to Laura C. Pinekenstein, 70 feet, lot 21, section F, 89 Glen Oak Drive, no money transferred.

Pittsylvania County

Recorded Feb. 28

Kenneth Taylor Saunders to Katrina Lashun Reynolds, lot three A, 1.74 acres, Pittsylvania County, $115,000.

Wilson Barker to Brian K. Horne, partial lot, 1.05 acres, State Road 733, Dan River District, $17,500.

Herman G. Wilkerson (Herman Gene Wilkerson) and Lurlene R. Wilkerson to Justin B. Crider, lot two, 1.30 acres and lot three, 1.71 acres, Pittsylvania County, $94,000..

William Mcivor and Patricia Mcivor to Jason Maynard and Gleise Maynard, 1.35 acres, State Road 626, Pittsylvania County, $1,150,000.

Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Steven R. Harger, lot 38A, 1.186 acres, State Highway 29 Business, Pittsylvania County, $37,500.

Leroy D. Adams and Daphne Ellen Adams to Nasasha Renee Davis and Ajai Myers Davis, lot 47A, 0.764 acre, State Highway 634, Callands-Gretna District, $117,000.

Recorded March 2

Irvin H. Adams and Connie E. Adams to O’Nimitz L. Terry and Bennie Franklin Terry, 1.27 acres, State Road 876, Tunstall District, no money transferred.

Nancy J. Hall to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 27, 0.46 acre, Staunton River District, $78,500.

Adam M. Kendrick to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., 7.00 acres, Pittsylvania County, $59,217.99

Betty Jean P. Walters (Betty Poole Parker Walters) to William Earl Poole and Stephen Jerome Parker, lots six and seven, State Road 734, Dan River District, no money transferred.

Recorded March 3

Doris Shirelle Kelly (Doris K. Hodnett) to Doris K. Hodnett and Charles Hodnett, lot 18, section H, Woodcreek Place, Pittsylvania County, $10.

Patricia C. Jackson to Oscar M. Criswell III and Nancy B. Criswell, lot nine, 0.341 acre, Chandler’s Pointe Subdivision, Pittsylvania County, $271,200.

Wilson Barker to Landon C. Horne and Lauren B. Horne, parcel two, 3.23 acres, Dan River District, $14,500.

Courtland Scott Emerson and Melvin L. Emerson Jr. to Andrew Rothstein and Rachel Rothstein, lot 14, Hunt Street, Town of Chatham, $75,000.

James C. Slaughter III to Craig Steven Aten and Brandy Michelle Aten, lot four, 0.903 acres, Wayne Robertson Road, Pittsylvania County, $9,500.

Rosser J. Baldwin Jr. and Judith P. Baldwin to Jeffrey K. Baldwin, lot one, 1.078 acres, Baldwin Subdivision, State Road 710, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Recorded March 4

Jervan Kumar and Mamta Jeevan Jumar to Jeevan Kumar and Mamta Jeevan Kumar, lot four B, block C, section six, Parker Place, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Edna Taylor Aherron to Gary Daves Aherron, John Dennis Aherron and Bryan Lewis Aherron, lot 49 thru 57, Mountain Hill Road, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Samuel D. East, Administrator, to John L. Slagle and Sandra Gail Slagle, parcel and strip of land, Chalk Level Road, two parcels, Pittsylvania County, $82,500.

Rosa W. McCall (Rosa W. White) to Charles M. White, lot five thru eight, St. Clair Drive, ½ interest, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Donald W. Powell and Donna S. Powell to Bobby W. Powell and Joseph L. Powell, lot, Sugartree Estate Subdivision and 1.3 acres, Tunstall District, $32,000.

Recorded March 5

Frances M. Pate to William Francis Pate and Brandi Lynn Pate, tract seven, State Road 964, Pittsylvania County, no money transferred.

Francis M. Martin and Linda L. Stroud to Matthew K. Ford, lot 12, section one, 0.607 acre, Breckenwridge, Pittsylvania County, $11,000.

JLS Land and Livestock to Paschal Dorsett Brooks III, parcel in Pittsylvania and part in Franklin County, taxes paid in Franklin and Pittsylvania County, $510,000.

Recorded March 6

Bernard L. Dickens and Wanda Rigney Dickens (Wanda Kaye Yates) to Joshua E. Jones and Sandi S. Jones, 0.75 acre, State Road 845, Pittsylvania County, $55,900.

Gary Dean Hyler to EST Enterprises, lot 11, Sallie A. Hyler Estate, Westover District, $21,000.

Sandra G. Gannon to Robbie Turner, lot B, Franklin Turnpike, Pittsylvania County, $170,000.

Charles L. Dawson to Zakaria Korcht, lot two, 8.44 acres, State Route 668, Staunton River District, no money transferred.

Chrystal A. Hutcherson (Crystal A. Hutcherson) to Luke W. Conner and Stephanie M. Conner, lot two, 72.7185 acres, Staunton River District, $305,000.

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