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Check for prayer case in mail as squabble continues over $7,500

After nearly four years of fighting over supervisor-led public prayer, Pittsylvania County has mailed a $74,091.46 check to the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia.

School officials combat rumors of plaque removal

Three plaques with the American flag and the words “In God we trust” inscribed were removed at Forest Hills Elementary School this week as part of regular summer cleaning, rather than religious reasons, Danville Superintendent Stanley Jones said Thursday.

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Reboot your relationship

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How Obama reversed course on federal college ratings

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama dearly wanted to get the government in the business of rating colleges and universities based on value and affordability, promising a new system by 2015. Now that goal is shriveling under the weight of a concerted opposition from u…

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  • Not the best location for it

    The new shelter needs to be a standalone building, built solely for the purpose of the county animal control — with no other functions and built for the expectations of an increasing county population.

  • Throw the bums out

    The Supreme Court doesn’t have the right to make laws or raise taxes. The Supreme Court only has the right to interpret laws.

  • The flag should be removed

    Regardless of the history behind the Civil War, in which the Confederacy was defeated, why are we still celebrating hate?

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